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Unable to fight demons inside me, feel sad all the time

Asked by Male, 28, Single
the demon inside me is much more powerful than the angel,for the last 10 years i am fighting vry hard to gain control over it.i cant continue to do a good work to achieve something good that matters in life.as a result i find myself deprssed all the time,i feel like i am a cursed and flawed person not able to do anything right,i havent got my graduation degree,i dont work anywhere to financially support my family,i cant express myself to whom i really love.i am the sole responsible person for the difficulties and sadness that prevails over my family members.it is not that i dont try atall,i try vry hard to be a good person,but as i told u the demons inside me will always b there to prove myself wrong.i think i dont deserve to live anymore.i think i am not even being able to make u understand what i am going through.plz tell me doc is there anyway out of this condition?can i make myself a good person a worthy human being?
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach


What I am about to say, is not for the one who does not believe, so if in case you are reading it, it is not for a person who does not believe in spirituality. "Spirituality Alert"

I can relate to you and let me tell that it takes up a lot of courage to open up about what you have shared here, why I said that I relate to you is because I have come across a friend who was going through the same condition as you are going through.

He came to me one day and told me the things that you are telling me, you need not worry, you have communicated to us of what you are going through, and let me tell you that it is not always the words that communicate, sometimes it is the energy with which you have written it, those energies make it clearer to me of what you are actually going through.

The thing to be highlighted is that even though a person may not be demonised, he/she may come under attacks which are initiated by the evil energies around u. It may be no more than a sense of heaviness in the spirit, they may feel miserable, agitated, frustrated or afraid. Sometimes there may be no apparent reason for these emotional experiences, so now to talk about why you want to commit good, but unable to finish a task taken in had is that, during this influence a person may be tempted to commit a sinful act. Unaware that these experiences are under the influence of that particular energy. This phenomenon is known as Demonic Interference.

Now having said that, there are various types of Demonic interferences or demonisation, so these are controversial matters in which there is no uniformity of beliefs, may beliefs have interpreted it differently, how ever ignoring it, or avoiding it or having a misconception about it might as well put you in danger of life itself. They are various psychiatric symptoms as well to it for e.g. feeling miserable, lack of appetite, poor sleeping habits, loss of interest in leisure/hobbies, etc.

There are ways to overcome this and those are:

1) Acknowledging and willing to work on the condition that you are in.

2) Trying to re-align yourself with your body: By this I mean you have start practices which calms your down, there are various techniques and they are yoga, martial arts, tai-chi exercise, meditation, chanting(so that you focus your energy on one particular thing and channelize yourself) and so on.

3) Once you practice this, Stay on it, Discipline yourself: By this I mean that you would constantly feel like not continuing it, you will feel lethargic, you have to over come it and then discipline yourself to put you through the entire process.

4) Humility, Surrender and Gratitude: Following these principles thoroughly because these principles will re-align yourself to self with which you will able to listen to yourself better with more clarity.

5) Live in that Faith that you can, and with that Faith you will.

Hope it helps, if you are still feeling that things are unresolved, we are here to work together to co-create a space where solutions will just emerge. Looking forward to hear back from you.


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