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Unable to get over partner getting engaged to another person

Asked by Female, 28, Single
I was non- committal relationship for 2 yrs now this guy is getting engaged tommorow m still not getting over it
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


i can imagine what you must be going through and how difficult it is to forget someone who was once integral part of your life

some of the things you can try doing are as follow:

Accept the change, first step would be to accept how you feel, be it anger or sadness, choose to express it, either by writing down in journal or sharing it on public formal whatever you have written, or even by other means, like crying and talking to friend or psychologists, hitting on punching bag in gym etc

You may want to consider Throwing away reminders/ his belongings and cut off contacts if you feel the need to in order to get over him, spend more time with your friends and family, go and make use of time to catch up with friends on dinner, movies, house parties etc,

Travel and take a short break if you can, explore new places and meet new people

Hope this helps,

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