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Unable to speak to women. Feels insecure due to hair loss and depression

Asked by Male,
I am a 30 years old male, Unmarried. I have a good Job and Salary. I am currently searching for a life partner but I have a hair problem and also have depression. I dislike my family for pointing this out to me, others and not doing anything about it. I am not able to interact with women and hate them for giving importance to looks only and also have temper issues and fear of rejection.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing to us. It takes courage in reaching out for help. I understand you feel depressed and angry with your situation.
Your skin problem at a young age made you conscious and depressed. Your parents lack of worry and initiative to handle this problem for you made you upset with them.
Whom did they tell about your issue?
You haven't interacted with the opposite sex. What fears do you have about talking to women? Do you feel conscious or fear rejection?
You think all women only look for external beauty and this thought makes you hate them.
You also said "whether they reject me...",
I wonder then if you went through some experience that really affected you and led you to feel this way about all women?
There seems to be a lot of anger and hurt in you and they need healing.
Your lack of interaction with women can make you feel lonely as well.
Have you shared your issues with anyone or perhaps a friend?
Do you have a support system to fall back on during your time of need?
Please message back to continue discussing. Regards

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