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Unhappy marriage due to lots of fights, complains, carelessness. He focuses on friends rather than me!

Asked by Female, 23, Married
I want to end my marriage, I think my marriage is not working and it's been 2 years we just fight every month at least twice. So I can't-do this throughout my life. Full of complaints and careless about me. He focuses on friends rather than me and my family. Always doubts on me. He argues about me even if I change my what's app status.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, I understand you feel your relationship is at an impasse and that can be very frustrating. However I require some more information to get a grip of your situation. You have mentioned that you both fight atleast twice every month , so let me assure you that number isn't so worrisome. What I am more concerned about is how you both are with each other in your day to day life. When you say he is careless about you, do you mean that he is taking you for granted or that he isn't receptive to you? Please elaborate. Also when you mention that he focuses more on friends over family, do you mean he's socially more invested? Do not be disheartened. Often in new relationships/ marriage a lot of issues boil down to lack of communication, misunderstandings and resistance to change, all of which can be worked on.

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