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Want to forget my girlfriend focus on my studies but finding it difficult.

Asked by Male, 17, Single
First i m mad without her but foe she doesn't mind and now istarted to forget her and i think this is thebest policy.And become a successful person by working hard in my studies .In the past i can't study and now i have to study.I have been seeing er often in my dream even but when i call her she didn't take my call.Pliz give me motivation to forget this arrogant person
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. Break ups are often painful and it seems as though you are hurting over yours. The anger you are feeling is perfectly normal and a natural part of losing a relationship. What is commendable is that you want to focus on yourself and your career. Channeling your anger and pain into accomplishing your goals is one way of moving on. That aside you have to give yourself time to heal. You already seem to have your goals in place but it's motivation to focus that you need help with. Although it seems difficult now, with time and consistent effort it gets easier to eventually let go of your past. Can you perhaps share what exactly happened and led to the break up? Do you find that this has affected your confidence and self-esteem? Sharing your feelings and experience can help you get the hurt and anger out your system. It might also help to look at this break up as a life experience and that sometimes things just don't work out. Once you deal with your emotions, you might find your mind free enough to focus on your studies. Please do message back to continue our discussion. Regards.

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