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Want to simplify life and improve focus

Asked by Male, 30, Married
I m suffering from the too many options syndrome. Frittering away life on details. Would like to bring focus back to basics and simplify. Simplification routine would be required.
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Sneha Bhat
Counselling Psychologist

What is the routine you follow when your house is cluttered..?? A Basic & simple one right. You just go through each possession & get rid of those which aren't of much value but being preserved habitually or out of insecurity. Too many options you are talking about have been the clutter blocking you from in depth focus on few things that matter. Here is a straight forward routine towards clarity.
1. Introspect, Reflect on & know your expectations from life (What makes you really happy..??) and do the same with your partner if you are married.
2. Once you have a clarity on basic needs, list all the options which have been hovering around you (personal & professional).
3. Rate every option's effectiveness in satisfying your and your partner's needs separately on the scale of 1 to 10.
4. Take steps towards discarding all those options which go below 7 from both perspectives. Discuss about those options which are 7+ for one person and lesser for other one so that you have a possibility to reach the common ground.

Through this routine you will be knowing yourself better & also knowing your partner's preferences along with the possibility of getting rid of 'How do I choose syndrome'. Remember that you cannot play soccer without a court that binds you and game of life needs you to define your court in which you want to play, gain expertise & chase satisfaction.

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