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What subjects should 16-year-old take up in IB board for a good career?

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I am a mother of boy aged 16 years who is studying in 10th standard but very distracted. He never take up challenges. He always in give up mode. I don't understand him and we don't have good relationship now as a mother and child. Because he is rebel child. He doesn't want to listen anyone and he does always what he want whether he is wrong. He has a very bad habit of replying back all the time. I am fed up now. He doesn't like maths but he wanted to do IB board in 11 th class. Can you suggest the subjects for him in 11th ib board. And please suggest career with those subjects. He likes only electronics.
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist

Dear parent,

I would really encourage you to think that your child is acting rebellious for a reason, his behaviour is not because of nothing. what i am trying to say is behaviour is just outer expression, from which we can judge, if you want to understand him, you will have to go to core reason because of which he is behaving in this way.

There are two things which parents often miss, one being healthy autonomy of teenager and another rebelling, often confused by parents, its time you figure out what is it for your child? Rebellious behaviour or just greater need of being Independent.

when your child is becoming his own person, growing independent, it may also look like they are disconnecting or moving away, and we end up deciding that they are rebelling, Recognise it and accept it as normal process which happens with all the parent's, its only healthy, even when this realisation must be tough for you to accept because it brings worry since there is sense of loss of control and happiness since you know its needed and your child is just growing. If this is the case only thing that can help is understanding him and learning about what you can control and what you can't.

Once you understand it and start practicing freedom with him, and accepting him as he is and not indirectly asking him to be who you want him to be, you will see difference in his behaviour and change in your relationship as well.

As far as studies is concerned i would suggest proper career counselling be done for him, where all the factors like his personality, aptitude, interest etc be covered and then make decision based on it.

Hope this will help,

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