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Why do rich people get emotionally frustrated?

Asked by Female, 22, Single
Why people become emotionally frustrated although having a lot of money?
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist

I Hope you are having great day!
if i have to understand from your question here, i should take it as you have assumed that more money should be equal to no emotional frustration, if we go little further, it also means you are assuming that money should be enough to full-fill all the needs of human being, be it material, physical, emotional or anything else and if its suppose to be the case sure there should be no emotional frustration incase of more money. Do you think its true? if yes no need to think and worry about this, but since you are thinking about it, it suggests you have realised that this assumption does not hold true.
if this is philosophical question that you wanted to discuss with some one or personal situation that you are facing, it would be good idea to reflect upon, what does money stands for you in your life? and what are the other needs you have ? specially the ones which money cant buy you, its also important learn to distinguish and see emotional frustration and lot of money as two separate entities, after-all one can be frustrated over things like not being able to stand first in exams, rejection of or loss of loved ones, etc..
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