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Wife wants divorce as she is unable to adjust with MIL

Asked by Female, 33, Married
My brother's wife wants divorce and is not ready to compromise because she cannot adjust with her MIL. They are not capable of getting separated as they are not financially stable.
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Counseling Psychologist

I see the issue with your brother's marriage where the wife wants divorce due to adjustment issues with the MIL and also separation is not an option because of financial instability. I understand that you are worried for your brother and his marriage and you wish to help them.

However, it's important to understand that for a marriage to be successful, both spouses have to be equally invested and willing to work in it together. Efforts from only one side rarely last long. And given that it is their matter, it would only help if they sought out for help themselves.

Having said that, if the wife is willing to be open to considering how issues with her MIL can be addressed effectively, then the couple needs to sit down and talk together about what the issues are and what can be done about them. Perhaps setting some mutually acceptable boundaries with regard to the in-laws could help. This would require at least some amount of sacrifice, compromise and adjustment on both sides.

The couple could also go in for couple's counselling or family therapy.
If nothing helps, or the wife is not willing to budge, then I'm afraid there's only so much that can be done. Your brother would then have to take a call on whether he wants to stay in this marriage or does he see that the divorce would benefit them after all?

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