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Anxiety Asked by male, 25 years. single

I'm a very shy guy and not able to share my feelings with a girl

There is a girl I like. Whenever we meet, she asks "What's up?". What am I suppose to reply? I really feel very confused. Should I just tell her about my feelings? I am kind of a shy guy. Please help me.

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. You mentioned you like a girl but are unsure of how to interact with her. Let's focus on what is it that you want to say to her. When she says "What's up?" , What do you feel like saying and what exactly are you afraid of? I think what might be confusing you is that you might be over thinking it. Perhaps you are also concerned with creating a good impression. It might help you relax if you interacted with her just like how you would with a friend. Once you get comfortable enough, then you can always decide when to tell her that you like her. It will...
Anxiety Asked by female, 37 years. married

Need help for anxiety issues and inability to form relationships

I have been dealing with anxiety issues since childhood and I am unable to develop relationships now. I had a poor childhood with emotionally unavailable parents.

Hi, I understand you must be going through an emotional turmoil. Having Anxiety can impact many parts of your life. One of the more significant aspects it affects are relationships personal or intimate. Relationships are extremely valuable, not just biologically, but for emotional, mental, physical and sometimes even spiritual reasons as well. Unfortunately, their value might just be the spark that unleashes many anxious thoughts and feelings. As you go into a relationship, it isnt just the things that go on between you and your partner that make you anxious.; its the things we tell...
Anxiety Asked by male, 19 years. single

Afraid of talking to people, unable to concentrate on job

I suffer from social anxiety disorder. I am lonely and afraid to talk to people. I am unable to focus on my work.

Hey, Greetings for the day!Motivation is a tricky thing. It is tricky, but not at all impossible. Motivation lies in your head and this is the science behind it: Dopamines chemical signal gets passed from one neuron to the next, interacting with various receptors inside the synapse between the two neurons.Another argument is that Dopamine was all about pleasure, but pleasure is just the tip of the iceberg, Dopamines effect on the body is felt in many areas on our respective bodies, including motivation, memory, behaviour, cognition, attention, mood, learning and also pleasurable reward.Low...
Anxiety Asked by female, 19 years. single

Feel like spiders are running over me

I always feel spider everywhere, on my bed on my clothes, but when i check no spider is over there. Its my mental problem how can i help i want to be free from this

I understand you are a female, 19 years, and single. Your feeling that spiders running all over your body is a serious one and needs professional help. I know it is tough to handle this kind of situation. I am sure you feel deeply disturbed with this experience. You need to find help from a psychologist or psychiatrist immediately.
Anxiety Asked by female, 16 years. married

Talking to myself, feeling troubled and conflicted

I talk to my self always and now the stage is so difficult that i get answers from self this is a personality who talks and trouble me and seems that 2 minds are fighting with each other what to do I am very tensed.

Hello, I know it is a very tough, confusing, and disturbing to feel that there are two personalities in you and that you often hear voices from the other part of yourself. I do agree with you, it makes one very tensed. Certainly you want to come out of this strange feeling. Tell us more about you and your family. We are here to help you.
Anxiety Asked by female, 24 years. single

Feeling miserable and anxious, unable to talk to close friends

One of my friend is suffering from depression and she is miserable. She has friends but she don't talk to them,feels anxious also she said there are things she want to talk about but she is not able to break the ice to talk because she is scared that the person whom she is telling might let her...

Hi,It feels really positive to see your concern  and care for your friend, and appreciate attempts you have been making to help her out First thing you need to understand is what happens in depression? how can you recognise that it is more then sadness and you need to take individual to doctor.You will notice changes in these like followsMood: anxiety, apathy, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loneliness, loss of interest, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, mood swings, panic attack, sadness, or emotional distress Behavioural: agitation, excessive crying, irritability,...
Anxiety Asked by female, 21 years. single

Have generalized anxiety disorder, unable to stay calm

i am suffering from GAD unwanted thoughts coming on my mind of past not able calm hoping that from askmile i can get any help

When  youre feeling anxious, you might feel stuck and unsure of how to feel better. You might even do things that unwittingly fuel your anxiety. You might hyperfocus on the future, and get carried away by a slew of what-ifs.when you're feeling anxious or stressed, these strategies will help you cope:Take a time-out. Practice yoga, listen to music, meditate, get a massage, or learn relaxation techniques. Stepping back from the problem helps clear your head.Eat well-balanced meals. Do not skip any meals. Do keep healthful, energy-boosting snacks on hand.Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can...
Anxiety Asked by female, 42 years. married

Anxiety, feel like crying for no reason

I dont know why i am anxious and feel like crying ....

Hi, All emotions play a role in your wellbeing. But when you start to feel like you need to cry for what feels like no reason, it may be a sign that you're suffering from anxiety. You can recognize symptoms of anxiety by familiarizing yourself with the following signs: Feelings of powerlessness Feelings of nervousness Feelings of impending doom, panic, or danger Hyperventilation (rapid or deep breathing that occur with anxiety attacks) An increase in heart rate Trembling Excessive sweating Difficulty concentrating on things other than the current worries Feelings tired or weak It is...
Anxiety Asked by female, 17 years. single

Family and relationship problems affecting focus on studies

I don't feel good. I am facing negative vibes. It's affecting me a lot. I'm 17+ and studying in class 12. It's hampering my studies. It's due to my family problems and relationship problem. I want to smile and defocus myself. Can you please help me?

Hi there, I can understand your frustration, it is difficult to balance out studies, family, and a relationship. This takes a lot of work and effort to strike the right balance while maintaining a positive outlook. However, everyone copes with these issues differently and there is no set method that works for all. The key is to find what works for you and use that to help you achieve more balance. In order for me to recommend more clearly how to cope with studies, familial issues and relationship issues I would need a little more insight as to what exactly is the issue with your family and...
Anxiety Asked by female, 25 years. single

Anxiety, depression, unsure of current relationship, and jealousy

Hello i am a girl of 27 years...I have suffered from anxiety for a long time years but somehow I have been able to cont with my studies and work recently...but for last few months everything seems to be spiralling downwards.... I have failed in my relationship...I have problem concentrating...

Hi I understand that you have anxiety issues for a long time but have been able to cope with it until recently. Have you consulted with a professional regarding your anxiety issues before? If you have not I would highly recommend that you seek the help of a clinical psychologist and take their guidance on dealing with your anxiety. For the time being, You can try a few coping mechanisms and see if these help you. 1. Keep a diary - whenever you fee like you are unable to do a task or make a decision and that makes you sad and confused, write it down in a diary. Keep a diary with the...
Anxiety Asked by female, 36 years. single

How to overcome feelings of sadness at being left out?

Hi, There are times I feel sad and left out. What should I do?

Hi, let me start by telling you that taking the first step by coming onto this forum seeking help is a brave thing to do, kudos to you! While you have taken the initial step, it is very important for you to understand what makes you sad and left out. Knowing what triggers this feeling of sadness will help you understand better why you feel that way and we can work toward overcoming these feelings. To start you off, let me give you a small exercise that you can do to help you identify why you feel the way you do. When you feel that you become sad, and/or feel left out, write down the...