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Communication Problem Asked by female, 30 years. in_relationship

Lack of communication, trust, and love with fiance

Communication issues, trust issues, and lack of love has arisen in my relationship with my fiance all of a sudden. Need help.

Thank you for writing in to us. Recognising when you need help and reaching out for the same is the first courageous step to be able to take towards a better self. One enters into marriage with dreams of hoping to start a new journey with their partner that is filled with love and happiness. For a happy and successful marriage, both partners need to be equally invested to work towards it. With the basic love, trust and communication not in place for a strong foundation, anything that is built upon it will turn out to be shaky, especially at an engagement phase. This is certainly not why...
Communication Problem Asked by male, 31 years. in_relationship

Fiance always avoids talking to me

My fiance is refusing to talk to me and finds excuses to not talk to me. What should I do?

You are engaged to get married. At a time where you both should be spending more time towards building a relationship, your fiance is, for some reason, not showing as much investment in you as you would prefer. I can understand that this must be hurting you. It is indeed concerning, specially at this stage of your relationship. For starters, get clarity if he wants to be in this relationship itself or not. It is of no use putting in efforts into a relationship that the other does not want to be a part of in the first place. In whatever way possible, involve yours and/or his parents or...
Communication Problem Asked by female, 31 years. married

Husband ignores my family, refuses to discuss

My husband does not want to stay in touch with my parents, but is unwilling to let me do the same for his parents. He criticizes me for visiting my family.

Hello, Thank you for seeking help in this matter and trying to find a mature solution. I can understand how sad you must be feeling when the person you are committed to share your life with does not want to share few moments with the near and dear ones who raised you. When one gets married, it is not just the culmination of two souls, but it is the meeting of two families. They come together to see their beloved children united in matrimony and raise a new lovely world. The woman especially leaves her dear and near ones and is created by god in a manner with privileges and at the...