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Incompatibility Asked by female, 29 years. married

Incompatible with husband, being blamed for being charaterless

I discovered after marriage that my husband and I have different lifestyles and thoughts. He is suspicious of me and never accepts his mistake when we fight. He calls me characterless in front of his family.

It seems like there was a lack of understanding between you and your spouse pre and post marriage. Often differences between partners are viewed more as good and bad rather than simply different from each other. Communication can serve as the key ingredient to solve your problems, if that's the common goal for the two of you. It's important to know if your husband wants to work out the differences between you two and if he's invested in getting to know you for who you are and working out a common ground between the two of you. You can address his suspicions as well by talking about...
Incompatibility Asked by male, 34 years. married

Frequent fights with spouse, no interest in sex

My wife and I fight frequently because she does not want me to quit my government job and set up a business in my hometown. Also, she is not interested in sex.

I sense that your wife is not comfortable with you taking a financial risk. She seems to fear the financial stability that you currently get from a government job will no longer be there when you set up your own business. What you could try telling her is this "Honey, I know you're upset with me wanting to make this decision. I want to know what about it makes you uncomfortable and perhaps I could do something to make you feel better about it. I'm here to hear you. At the same time I would also like to share with you why I want to make this decision, hoping that you would understand me...
Incompatibility Asked by female, 22 years. in_relationship

Incompatibility in relationship

My partner and I are incompatible. We cannot connect and we fight.

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that you are facing difficulty in your relationship with regard to incompatibility. Due to this you are hardly able to connect to your partner which in turn is leading to frequent fights and conflicts, leaving you both bitter. I understand that it must be a difficult position for you to be in given that you both are also handling personal problems of your own that affects your well being as well. Firstly, I would appreciate the courage in you for being able to manage so far. I am sure that...
Incompatibility Asked by female, 30 years. married

In need of divorce, as my husband is going against my feelings

My husband is not letting me to go for a job as he don't like to send our kid to a day care center. I agreed and now she is 4 years old still he says the same.Two months back he bought a puppy to our apartment with out informing me.I don't like pets. He knows it well but he is not ready to give...

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. You seem to be feeling quite stuck in your situation. I understand there is anger and frustration. How long have you and your husband been married for? Also, have you spoken to your husband about feeling overwhelmed with all the things you have to take care f at home before you asked for the divorce?
Incompatibility Asked by female, 38 years. married

Trouble in marriage. Husband is irresponsible, does not show any love and care to our children!

Do I really need a break up please suggest me. Feeling very depressed. Basically I'm a strong woman. I am doing my best to keep the life going for my kids as I lost all hopes on my husband. I am 38 years now. He is the only son and he is away from his parents as staying together never worked...

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes courage to reach out and take this step. I understand you are depressed about the state of your marriage. Although you have shown so much strength in trying to keep this marriage together for so long, the fact is it takes two to make it work. Unless your husband is willing to meet you halfway, this kind of commitment turns into a burden. You need to ask yourself whether this is something you can continue to manage. You also have your needs and expectations and constantly putting them on the backburner will lead you to have a burnout and you...
Incompatibility Asked by female, 31 years. married

My marriage is a disaster, not able to adjust with in-laws and husband in 4 months marriage

I am married for last 4 months and since then life is in turbulence. Not able to adjust with in laws and to the worst of it, off late I have lost all hopes from my husband as well. My marriage has now proved to be a disaster. I feel suicidal most of the times.

Dear Shruti, thank you for writing in. It takes courage to reach out and take this step. I understand you are very upset over the state of your marriage. However to understand your situation better could you please tell me more about yourself as an individual and exactly what problems you are encountering in your marriage and with your in-laws? Please message back to continue discussing. I am here to help. Regards
Incompatibility Asked by female, 24 years. single

Fight on same issues in relationship. Boyfriend blames me

He keeps on saying that I fight with him on purpose. That I always portray myself as a victim to gain his sympathy. I had a strain full past regarding friendship because of which I am a little cynical about relationships, but we have managed for 3 years till now and still, we fight on the same...

Hi there, I can understand how difficult it must be to have constant fights with your boyfriend. Can you please answer some questions so I can understand your situation better?