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Less conversation Asked by male, 20 years. single

The girl I like stopped talking to me after a fight

I really like this girl. We were really close friends until we had a little fight some days back, and now I don't seem to be her priority anymore. We don't talk the same way like we did. Now that this is happening, it's disturbing me a lot. I keep looking at my phone for her text. I tried...

Hi, i can understand how you must be feeling when your very close friend behaves like strangers with you, i am sure she is angry and needs some space and time for everything to go back to normal for her Meanwhile choose to express yourself, give her the time she needs to be fine and back like how she use to be, taking any action in emotions like breaking all contacts with her or pushing her a lot might not help and you don't want to regret later for hurrying in taking decision you can do things you like, some hobbies, talk to other friends, concentrate on your studies/work for a while to...