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No Attention From Spouse Asked by female, 26 years. married

Husband not romantic or intimate

My husband is not romantic or intimate with me. He manages all other responsibilities well.

From what you have written, it seems to me that you are otherwise satisfied with your husband but you long for his attention, expression of love and care in ways that you understand and seek. We all experience and express love in certain ways- it seems that you experience love through kind words and loving actions? There are 5 love languages: kind words, loving actions, time, presents and touch. We all have one as our primary love language. Sometimes in marriage, both partners might have different love languages. For example: Say there is a couple and the woman's primary love language...
No Attention From Spouse Asked by female, 32 years. married

Possessive, short-tempered, uncaring husband

My husband lied to me about his age before marriage. He is short-tempered, possessive, and does not love me or spend quality time with me. I am staying in the marriage only because of our child.

Your marriage seems to have taken a very unfortunate turn. You're ability to hold on in a situation where you receive nothing is commendable. However, in the long run this may not be the best for you. Staying in a marriage for the sake of your child usually doesn't benefit the parent or the child. Watching parents in a loveless marriage is one of the most difficult things for a child. In my opinion, you can try communicating your needs and expectations to your husband and talk about his temper issues as well. Maybe having a formal and direct conversation about how unhappy this marriage...
No Attention From Spouse Asked by female, 24 years. married

"my friend is stuck in an unhappy marriage against her wishes"

Hello, My friend is married for a year now, as she was not ready for marriage her parents forcefully made her accept the proposal. She loved one guy whom she wanted to marry, her parents were against love marriage. Now she is not happy with her present husband, though they live in the same...

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you are very concerned for your friend. The important thing is what does your friend want to do ? Although she married a man under family pressure it is up to her to decide to either make the marriage work or not. Also the point is how do you want to help her? For me to help accordingly I need to know and understand your friend as an individual and how her husband is as a person. Exploring her past and perhaps resolving it is one way to go about it. It might help if your friend wants to explore this in counselling or on this platform with...