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Obsessive compulsive disorder Asked by male, 36 years. married

How to handle wife's OCD?

OCD problem with my wife. Treating from last 1 year with ECT & tablets like flunil 40, clonil 10, Ativan 1 Mitraz 7.5, Lalitham 300, Talecalm-L. but still suffering from same problem but with less frequency compared to first time anxiety. How to deal everyday with her ?

Hi,In this case it would be best to consult with your ongoing psychiatrist and continue or modify medications as per your doctor, i understand it takes time but trust your doctor, and if there is doubt with anything you can always go for second opinion, having said that i can walk you through other options for treatment of ocd which are available, after consultation from your psychiatrist about each option you can choose as complimentary method to better deal with ocd.Psychotherapies Where in Patients see a therapist for individual sessions as often as recommended by their therapist...