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Pre Marital Asked by male, 24 years. single

Should I accept my wife if she had a pre-marital relationship?

My fiance confessed to having a relationship with a guy. Should I accept her?

Well, this depends on your values and what you need. Sounds to me like you are having difficulty trusting and accepting her. Your fiance is an individual who has a right to her life and entitled to having her own past just as you are entitled to having yours. She choose to tell you about it, although it was up to her to disclose it or not. This could mean that she wishes for you to know about her, her life and her past and be a part of it. She was honest with you although she had a choice to keep it from you. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong in having had a past. However, if it is...
Pre Marital Asked by female, 19 years. in_relationship

My boyfriend suggests for a secret marriage and I am against it

I have a boyfriend and we are together for 7 years but my parents doesn't like him. And he wants to marry me secretly but I don't want to cheat my parents. I always tries to change his mind but he force me to do so. what should I do now?

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you are going through a difficult time. You want to marry your long time boyfriend whom your parents don't approve of. You don't want to elope although your boyfriend is ready to take that step. You find yourself caught in the middle and are feeling pressured. To understand you and your situation better could you please tell me more about yourself and your boyfriend as individuals? How is your relationship with your parents and is there a reason for your parents disliking your boyfriend? Is this situation making you feel anxious?...
Pre Marital Asked by male, 40 years. single

Will age and professional difference make our marriage life happy?

I am 40 years old. My girlfriend is 23 years old. She loves me and want to marry me. I am a businessman and she is a trainee pilot. Will our age and professional difference make our marriage life happy? Please advice.

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. Are there any problems you both are encountering in your relationship related to age and professional difference? Is it a criteria for you and what specifically are your concerns because you seem to be thinking about it. If your age and professional difference doesn't impact your wavelength and perception then it shouldn't be an issue. As long as you understand and accept that it's normal to encounter problems in relationships and you both are willing to work through it together. Please message back to continue discussing. Regards