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Pregnancy Asked by female, 31 years. married

Disturbed due to potential career loss because of unplanned second pregnancy

I am a mother of kid aged 6 years. When my first kid was born I had to compromise on my carrier and broke my carrier, my first maternity created a gap of 6 years. After a long struggle I joined some new course thinking of restarting my carrier and now I'm almost at the end of my course and doing...

Hello, Thank you for writing to us. You are in a dilemma and it must be very difficult to make a decision. As it is very clear that you took all the prevention, however you still could not prevent yourself from discovering that you are pregnant. The age you are at is indeed the age when women want to be something and want to prove to themselves and to the world that they have more to themselves than just being a mother or a homemaker. I can understand what you are going through at this moment. Also there is a financial constrain. There are times when we are really faced with such...