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Regular Fights Asked by female, 21 years. married

Upset after fight with spouse

I am upset after a fight with my spouse and I want someone to talk to.

it's only natural to get upset after a fight with your spouse. You are hurt and seek validation, support and understanding from your husband. This troubles you to an extent where you wish you had someone to talk to about this and share your load, which is completely natural. I suggest it would be best if it was your husband you talked to about this because after all it was a fight with him that you got hurt by and speaking to anyone else is not going to help solve it but only provide you with a listening ear. Speaking to your husband about what's troubling you and what you seek from him...
Regular Fights Asked by female, 31 years. married

Frequent arguments with husband

My husband and I fight regularly and we have a lot of issues.

Fights in a relationship is a part and parcel of it. However, it becomes worthy of attention when they become frequent/ intense or remain piled up unresolved for most part or leave either one with unmanageable thoughts and feelings over time. For starters, what you could do is understand the issues that you face in your marriage. Jot them down on a piece of paper. For example, if not being able to spend enough quality time together is an issue, write that down. Beside each of such issues, write down a list of things that cause the issue. in this case for example, work pressure/ fatigue/...
Regular Fights Asked by female, 23 years. married

Husband blocked me from WhatsApp after having a fight

My husband blocked me from WhatsApp after a fight. How do I get him back?

Sounds like your husband is quite upset with the fight and does not seem to be open to discuss further on that. Looks like he is quite hurt by the fight that took place. I sense your helplessness in not being able to communicate with him over chat and be left feeling so heartbroken. Perhaps it would help to give some time and space to your husband and to let the air cool off a bit. In the meanwhile, try to dwell deeper into what took place in that fight that made him take such a step away from you. Try to see what the point of the fight was and whether or not was it addressed...
Regular Fights Asked by female, 30 years. married

Brother's wife fighting regularly for petty issues

My brother's wife fights with him often over petty issues. She has even abused our father. My brother cannot tolerate it any more.

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that your brother is facing difficulty in his marriage and this is leaving you worried for him. Your brother's wife fights quite often with him for small reasons. I understand that it must be a difficult for the both of you to deal with. Now, this being your brother's marriage, it would be more beneficial if either or both of them were to go for counselling. Sine it is their marriage, they would be able to provide more details on the same that would help better understand the context of their...
Regular Fights Asked by male, 18 years. single

Getting angry with girlfriend, frequent fights

I really really love my girl,but im kinda acting narrow minded and frustrated towards her. She loves me a lot more..but i have been breaking her feelings frequently unexpectedly,having no intensions. Due to my jerkishness,we fight very frequently. I really hate this character of mine. I try...

Hi,I really appreciate the courage you have shown by looking inwards, it takes a lot of strength to accept who we are and take full responsibility for itI am sure you are extremely connected to her, for which you have decided to seek some help.For long term, please  write down all the incidents where you started loosing your temper and gets frustrated, you can maintain thought journal which can have following columns 1) Situation / Trigger 2) Feelings /Emotions3) Body sensations4) ThoughtsThis can be discussed later over Personal chat session/ call session, with this we can together reflect...
Regular Fights Asked by female, 30 years. married

Fights with partner about small issues

We are not having a healthy relationship with each other.Very often we used to fight over small issue I am fed up of this.

Hi, I understand your frustration but in order for any relationship to work out first you have to understand the problem . Without understanding the problem you will not be able to find solution. This is where communication can do wonders for your relationship. choose the right time to communicate with each other. Talk to each other when you both are not frustrated , angry or tired . When you first get upset or angry with your significant other, there are almost always two problems: your emotions and the actual problem. So my suggestion would be to choose your battles wisely. Mostly the...