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Relationship Asked by male, 22 years. in_relationship

Need tips to improve relationship with partner

I need tips to improve my relationship with my girlfriend.

Every couple is unique in itself and depending on their individual personalities, them as a unit, and the dynamics of the relationship, you can try out multiple things to see what suits you both best. Everyday rituals- invent some everyday rituals as a couple that you both enjoy doing for each other and for yourself and follow them religiously every single day. This will help keep the romance alive in the relationship for years to come. Weekly/monthly rituals- Go for dinner dates/ movie dates, grab that suit and look sexy for her, get those flowers for her. Keep trying to make...
Relationship Asked by female, 28 years. single

Depressed after calling off wedding with long-time boyfriend

I called off my wedding to my long-time boyfriend because I have fallen out of love with him. My family as well as his family do not approve of my action. I feel sad and I start crying suddenly. I need help.

You seem to be quite overwhelmed and calling off the decision to marry a long term partner can be extremely difficult and painful, despite the fact that you've fallen in love with him. It must have been a hard time for you since you've faced disapproval from all ends. Thank you for reaching out for help. I would suggest you seek some professional help for your situation. You must be experiences a rush of emotions, which can sometimes leave a person confused and unsettled. Given what you have been through, it's natural. Seeking help in the form of counseling or therapy will help you...
Relationship Asked by female, 27 years. in_relationship

How to control anger and make fiance behave spontaneously?

My fiance does not behave spontaneously and I am not excited about getting married to him. I have also hurt him with my words in a fit of anger as I I am bit short tempered.

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that you are facing difficulty with your fiance. What you seek from your partner is enthusiasm and spontaneity so that being around him makes you feel excited. But your partner is not able to match up with you on that. You say that you are short tempered and in anger have said hurtful things to him. This has started affecting your relationship with him. I understand that it must be a difficult position for you to be in since this worries you that such is already the state before your marriage....
Relationship Asked by female, 23 years. single

Dating a guy who does not initiate anything or pay

I met a guy online and recently went out on a few dates with him. He does not initiate further dates or pay for food. Is this okay?

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that you are facing a little situation with your recent date and are confused about his intentions and what your further action should be and what you should make of it. However, he did not offer to pay for the date. Also, he has not called you back like you expected him to and now wonder what to make of it. I understand that it must be a confusing position for you to be in at this point. What about him makes you like this guy? How serious are you about him? What else about his reaction...
Relationship Asked by male, 18 years. in_relationship

Girlfriend pays attention to me only when she feels like it

My girlfriend speaks to me only when she wants to and otherwise ignores me. She talks to some other guy daily late into the night and that makes me doubt her. I have lost focus on my studies and I want to move on.

Hi Laxman, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that you are facing difficulty in your relationship. You seem to love your girlfriend a lot but off late she has started ignoring you and talking to someone else till late into the night and you doubt that she is cheating on you. You want to save yourself from the hurt and hence move on from this relationship. I understand that it must be a difficult position for you to be in. Firstly, I would appreciate the courage in you for being able to manage so far. I can imagine that this must not have...
Relationship Asked by female, 27 years. in_relationship

Boyfriend does not consider me a priority

My boyfriend does not consider me a priority. We hardly spend any quality time anymore after getting busy with our own careers. I have no interest in life. I think I'm undergoing depression.

Hi Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes great courage to reach out for help. It seems that you are facing difficulty in your relationship with respect to managing and spending quality time with each other. You understand that both of you are career oriented and this must take up a lot of time and energy for the both of you, leaving both of you tired and exhausted by the end of the day. It bothers you to feel that you are no more a priority in his life. I understand that it must be a difficult position for you to be in. Firstly, I would appreciate the courage in you for being...
Relationship Asked by male, 29 years. single

About to get married to a girl who is still in love with her ex boyfriend! Don't know what to do. Not able to sleep or work

I am about to get married to a girl. Who is still in love with her ex boyfriend, which is her first love. They had to part ways because girl does not want to break her fathers trust. She seems to be in deep love with the guy and has confessed to her friend that she thinks about him all the time...

Dear User9954, Please tell me about the circumstances of your relationship. Please also tell me about yourself and about this girl. How long do you know her and what are the reasons for your wanting to marry her. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas
Relationship Asked by male, 26 years. single

Dating a girl for 10 years but she is very confused about the relationship

I am waiting for a girl from 10 years hand she tell that she is confused, another one more day she say that she loves me What should I do , another one more day she talks about the marriage and after 10 , 15 minits she say that she want time but it is already 10 years I am confused She

Dear User8925, I need to know more about the two of you before I can help you. Give me as much information as possible about the two of you. How did you meet this girl and what are the other circumtances? Also, I want you to think and tell me why and how she became this important to you. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas
Relationship Asked by female, 27 years. single

Love my friend who cares me like a husband but don't know if he will marry me

I met him on, a matrimonial site last June. He was always very caring and friendly and is waiting to be married. He cares and scolds me like husband. He does not frequently chat with me, but whenever I need him he is always there. We have not seen each other in person yet. He knows...

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you feel quite confused and are not very sure how to judge your friend's behavior. So lets try putting things in perspective. According to you, your friend is caring, attentive and always there for you. He likes you and wants you to be a part of his life but at the same time he's very clear that he considers you his close friend. For you perhaps his qualities make him the perfect future husband. What you need to clarify to me is whether he is romantic with you and shares intimate words with you? Because it is infact this kind of...
Relationship Asked by female, 27 years. single

Had a relationship with 6 years. Not getting married to someone else but feeling guilty and missing him badly

I had a relationship for 6 ex loves me a lot..but he was not ready for marriage..he was not giving me any assurance and also didn,t want my marriage with someone mother fixed my marriage with someone else.I was not able to tell my I m feeling guilty that why I...

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. I understand you are feeling guilty, you are missing your ex and you want to move on. You said that you had been involved for 6 years with your ex, but how long has it been since you broke up with him? Also how long have you been engaged to your fiance? Also I'm not clear on the reason you broke up with your ex. Was it because he wasn't ready to marry you or did you break up because your marriage was fixed with another man by your parents? It seems that you didn't tell your parents about your ex out of fear. The point is, it seems like you are not yet...
Relationship Asked by male, 32 years. single

Girlfriend has put up difficult conditions to marry. Dont know what to do.

I am in relationship with a girl from past 3 yrs. We met through matrimony website. We planned to get married. We both are of same age. The girl has put up few conditions which my parents are not accepting. First one is she wants to have court marriage. I see no point in court marriage reason...

Hello, Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding this proposed woman whom you want to marry. At the same time her behavior and interactions making you doubtful about managing her as your wife. You got the contact through the matrimonial website and you have been in contact with her for the last three years. Both of you are the same age. I am not sure whether you would call your relationship a "love" relationship. Do you? Are you in love with her? Is she in love with you? Both families accept the relationship and they are ready to go ahead with the marriage. But now you seriously doubt...
Relationship Asked by female, 21 years. single

Feeling non-committal in the relationship.

I have been dating this guy over a month now and most of that time was really good but we did have a couple of fights. I know that we both love each other and the feeling is mutual but during those fights I realised that I am not ready for a serious commitment. I am not able to give my 100% to...

Dear Writer, thank you writing in. I understand that you are looking for clarity and are unsure about which way to go. So let's put this in perspective. You're with a guy and it's going good but then a couple of fights has led you to feel differently about this relationship. It's perfectly natural to feel unsure about committing to a person you have only been with for a month. It's also fine for you to take your time before you give it your 100%. Simply put, it takes time for some to ease into a relationship before they can commit to it completely. But since you mention that your past has...
Relationship Asked by female, 34 years. married

How to correctly judge people?

I am unable to judge people's characters, especially those who are closed by nature.

Hello :) Greetings for the day! I read what you wrote, so what I make of it is that you want to Judge people, and if you are unable to judge them, then what is the harm in it, Whilst you were typing I realized that there is a realization in you that you are aware of the state of mind that you are in and you want to get out of it. Firstly you don't have judge people, you talk to people accept them however they are, for whoever they are and then you will know that acceptance is really simple and very easy to do, In that way you clearly know what they are for what they are, so you know...
Relationship Asked by male, 20 years. single

My friend labeled me a cheater just before exams

My friend betrayed my trust by labeling me a cheater. I am unable to focus on my upcoming exams. I do not have anybody to share my problems with.

Hi, It must really hurting you when you say a you have lost hopes in life. A friend is someone whom we hold in very high regard as we share a lot with them. If they betray you it is very difficult to accept. But let me thank you as you have chosen us to share your feelings with. When you say your friend has called you a cheater and you don't know what to do, could you elaborate on the context, so that it could help me to understand your situation better. You also mention that your exams are close and you haven't prepared yet and also you are scared for your future. Do you really...
Relationship Asked by female, 16 years. single

Trouble in 1-year relationship, cannot share worries with friends or parents

I am in a serious relationship for a year. However, there are several issues with the relationship.

Hey, Greetings for the day! I just went through what you wrote and from what I am reading it doesn't look like a time pass relationship. If you are having some problems doesn't mean that you are having a relationship which is on time pass basis. If you want to share about it, then there are portals like these and you can definitely reach out to us at any point of time. but apart from that you have to build rapport with your family. Please start communicating with your parents and build the relationship on a regular basis. Hope it helps, and if not then we can co-create a space...
Relationship Asked by female, 20 years. single

Problems with best friend, crying most of the time

I am highly affected by the problems I have been having with my best friend. I cannot stop crying.

Hi Thank you for confiding in us. Best friends indeed hard to find and if there r issues there, it can be very disappointing and disturbing. I can understand how sad u must be feeling. However profusely crying is not something which will give u a solution to the status of ur friendship. I m sure u must have already tried to communicate and find out what is the issue. You must have messaged, asked, written called to find out what went wrong. Why is ur friend so upset to be having issues. You must have also thought urself of what went wrong. If u r aware of the issues then u...
Relationship Asked by female, 20 years. single

Parents against relationship with a different community

My parents have refused to approve my sister's inter-community marriage. I have a relationship with a guy from a different community. Should I break up with him?

Hi, I can understand what you are going through. You are stuck between your parents wishes and your desires.. First of all What is the guy doing??
Relationship Asked by male, 29 years. single

Should I trust a girl who sends out mixed signals?

I am in love with a girl for the last 3 years, she indirectly gives me hint that she loves me and she knows that I love her but everytime I talk about my love for her she ignores but at times she gives me strong hints. She lives in a different city now but we are in touch everyday but for the...

Hey, You yourself have written that, things are drifting apart and that things are not working out. Even though the partner is coming online but there are no responses, why would you demean yourself by being in a state of mind where you are expecting something which you yourself are knowing that is drifting apart. What you can do is have a direct conversation with that person, face-to-face probably and sort things out and get a clear idea of what is going on, so that you can know whether to trust her like always or to come to acceptance to the fact of moving away. I can understand...
Relationship Asked by female, 28 years. single

Distracted by feelings towards classmate

Iam very distract I do not know iam in love or attraction it be 2 month my choicing class finished when iam studying the more remain about him I never talk to him he said his feel everyone in class and also Sirs I want to him but I doesn't have his no

Greetings, Now that you are doing something, you have come to this portal and opened up with your problem. I request you to kindly focus upon that and get that done with good grades, because those good grades will help you in pursuing anything that you like after you have made up your mind :)Secondly, it is perfectly natural to not know what you want when it comes with your feelings regarding someone, I may suggest you to take sometime and travel to places, get to know what all you can do, and also know that whether you want to speak with this person or not. that is how you develop interest...
Relationship Asked by female, 28 years. single

Want to express feelings for classmate privately

How to connect him without anyone knowing it in class I real want to talk to him I real u but he always with anyone never come alone I get very scare of him

Greetings, There is no need to worry for such a trivial issue, if you want to speak with him, you build up your courage and walk up to him and ask him whether he is free to speak with you or not and then you actually speak with him. Thanks :)
Relationship Asked by female, 24 years. single

Depressed after being cheated on

my boyfriend cheated me but he still says he didnt and his parents r nt ready for our marriage im really depressed i cnt live witht him plz help

Hi, From what you have said about your boyfriend, it seems like you both are in different places in your relationship. You suspect him of cheating on you, but he hasn't been truthful about it. The key foundation for every relationship is trust. If you don't feel like you can trust him, it would only complicate your life to continue to be in a relationship with him. It seems like you are also upset because you want to get married to him, but his family does not seem to be for the marriage. It is only natural to want to get married to the person you love. But on the other hand, insisting on...
Relationship Asked by female, 19 years. single

Want to have a real relationship with ex-boyfriend, not just sex

My exboyfriend and me had an intimate relationship but soon things changed. He just meet me whenever he wants to have sex. We are more like friends with benefits but I love him. He doesn't realize that and I can't find a way to make him understand. Please help

Hi, It seems like your ex boyfriend and you have moved on in different ways from your previous relationship. It seems like he is interested purely in a physical relationship with you, but you're not on the same page as him. You still have feelings for him, so as a result the friends with benefits relationship you have with him is hurting you emotionally in the long run. Here, communication is key. Talk to each other and find out if you both want to be in a relationship again or if he is only interested in maintaining a physical relationship with you. If you have feelings for him but he...
Relationship Asked by female, 20 years. single

Drug addict, abusive, violent, suspicious boyfriend

Hello doctor.. M 20 yr old m in a relationship with a guy from past 2 years.. he used to be a marijuana and hashish addict.. but after so many conflicts fights complications he has improved a lot.. he only does it once in week or 10 days.. earlier he used to ignore me like he'll.. and this...

Hi I understand you have been through a lot in this relationship . Although you love him very much you have recognised that your relationship is causing you a lot of pain. In other words, you are in an abusive relationship. Denial is a strong force that can keep us in toxic situations far longer than is safe or necessary. Until you acknowledge the behavior as abusive, you wont be motivated to take action . Women dont plan to get into an abusive relationship. In fact most dont realize they are in one until it is too late. Listening to what you have to go through in this relationship I...
Relationship Asked by female, 24 years. single

Parents do not like the guy I want to marry

I have been in a relationship since 8 years with my guy and my parents don't like him. I love him a lot . My parents don't like him because he dropped out of engineering college.. but he is doing is masters in UK and struggling to get job as well . I have been convincing my parents a lot...

Greetings :)You ought to work out of your strength here, I mean first of all it is his education that your parents are worried about, so you need to make him understand your parent's priorities at first and of course if you are thinking that you can do anything for your parents, then you can obviously make him understand.You can convince him, when the time is right; then you have to make him understand that and ask him to set his priorities right and then anyway you both have utmost trust on each other then things will fall in place and the self-confident person that you are, I don't see...
Relationship Asked by female, 20 years. single

Parents violent since I want to marry a poor guy

I am madly in love with a guy who is a Graphic Designer and is poor. My parents are not being able to accept him at all and beat me up all the time.

Hi, I understand the kind of conflict you must be going through, where on one hand you have your parents views and on another your own about the person you say you are in love with, differences of opinions are bound to be there in any relationship about varied topics, be it parents to children, husband and wife, friends, etc, which can be dealt with through conversations over time, however beatings and physical harm of any sort is something where you should stand up for yourself and stop it. i would suggest we can discuss this further over chat or telephonic session. Hope this helps,...
Relationship Asked by female, 28 years. single

Unable to get over partner getting engaged to another person

I was non- committal relationship for 2 yrs now this guy is getting engaged tommorow m still not getting over it

Hi, i can imagine what you must be going through and how difficult it is to forget someone who was once integral part of your life some of the things you can try doing are as follow: Accept the change, first step would be to accept how you feel, be it anger or sadness, choose to express it, either by writing down in journal or sharing it on public formal whatever you have written, or even by other means, like crying and talking to friend or psychologists, hitting on punching bag in gym etc You may want to consider Throwing away reminders/ his belongings and cut off contacts if you feel...
Relationship Asked by female, 16 years. single

Ignored by girlfriend after moving to a new place. Why?

First we love each other so much in way that she give me everything what i want after sometime i was about to leave away and search for a new palce to live at this time when i was about to leave she told me that not to forget her when i leave but after some days she seems like avoiding me when i...

Hi, i can imagine that you must be feeling confused so as what could be reason for which she is responding in this manner, before you think of forgetting her or anything else, just go and talk to her, speak to her about why would she be treating you like that? Open communication is the key, it helps go miles in any relationship Hope this helps :) Do write back to us if there are other queries that you have
Relationship Asked by female, 17 years. single

Parents want us to break up and focus on studies

I'm a 12th std student. I have been in a serious relationship with my guy. He's a final year graduate. We belong to same caste, religion n language. But recently his parents got to know about us n they are insisting him to leave me. As dis is his final year so his parents want him to study n...

Greetings :) You ought to work out of your strength here, I mean first of all it is his education that his parents are worried about, so you need to make him understand his priorities at first and of course if you have the surety that you can convince his parents, when the time is right; then you have to make him understand that and ask him to set his priorities right and then anyway you both have utmost trust on each other then things will fall in place and the self-confident person that you are, I don't see you getting through this problem with a lot of thought necessary to provide to...
Relationship Asked by male, 17 years. single

Want to re-unite with my ex-partner

It's relationship and my physical activities. My ex have another relationship and she left him also and now I want her to come back. So that I only can have relation with her only I don't want any physical contact with other personality

Hi, It seems to me that you seem to still have feelings for your ex girlfriend. It is completely understandable to want to be with the person you love. However, I would suggest you take her feelings into consideration as well. As she has just gone through a break up, chances are she needs time to heal from the previous relationship. After a break up, it is usually hard for both partners to deal, regardless of who broke up with whom. It not advisable to jump into another relationship after a break up. I would suggest you consider her feelings, give her time to heal emotionally and be...
Relationship Asked by male, 23 years. single

How to tell a good friend that I'm attracted to her?

I have an attraction towards a girl I don't know it's love or not she's my friend's ex girlfriend and she is a very good friend of mine but the things that she still loves my friend and I feel happy when she is beside me and always want her by my side but I can't express my feelings for her, she...

Hi I can understand your confusion, On one hand you would want to express and feels frustrated to not being able to do that, and on another scared that if you express what you feel, you might end up hurting her, however if you have strong feelings and are sure about it, you may want to consider expressing your feelings to her, chances are she will understand, considering she says she is really good friend of yours Hope this helps, for any further questions, write back to us
Relationship Asked by female, 17 years. single

Attracted to another boy despite having a loving relationship

I have a boyfriend whom I love. Things were really fine between us but one day I went to a school for a competition there was a boy who was behind me. I was not interested and took the whole thing in a fun way. Then I meet him again in another competition where I assume really conscious about...

Hi, I can understand the guilt you are currently feeling but let me tell you that it is perfectly normal for you to find other people attractive in spite of being in a relationship. The positive thing you should see is that you have discussed this with your boyfriend and sorted it out so that your relationship is not affected. As far as feelings of guilt go, just know this that people make mistakes, It can be because of various reasons you found this boy attractive and fantasized about him. Understanding the reason behind why you did what you did ( and remember you did not do anything...
Relationship Asked by female, 25 years. single

Broken relationships, verbal abuse, loss of interest, weight loss, sleep issues

I am not happy with life anymore. I was in a relationship for 7 years and it did not work out. I could not connect with anyone for 3 years. However, recently I met an old friend and I realized we had things in common and can connect well. In due course of time I realized I am facing the same...

Hi there, I cannot imagine the pain you are in currently. You are torn between two tough choices. One that involves constant abuse and trauma and the other that involves fear and loneliness. This is dilemma is taking up all of your energy and mental capacity. Seeking professional help is a good step in such situations and you have made that bold move. We can help you understand your current predicament and help you overcome your issues. As I mentioned earlier, you seem to have two tough choices, so the first thing I want you to do is to divide a piece of paper in two, On side write what are...
Relationship Asked by female, 18 years. single

Boyfriend may be cheating on me, denies when asked directly

I think my boyfriend my cheated on me. I told him not to talk to his ex girlfriend ever and yesterday my friend who is a mutual of his ex too told me that they met 2 years backn think they are still in touch. The most hurtful part is when i asked my boyfriend about it he just denied.

Hi, i understand that you are feeling insecure because your boyfriend continues to meet his ex-girl friend. however, its your boyfriends choice to decide on if he wants to be friends with his ex-girlfriend or not, many people choose to continue being friends with their ex's, and they do completely fine, however if it bothers you all you can do is express your views, but not put control over any other individual. For all you know he could have lied and denied just because he is afraid of rejection from you and loose you, talk to him and understand why he is doing what he is. if you have...
Relationship Asked by female, 21 years. single

Attracted to other people despite being in a relationship

I'm in a relationship. It has been 1 year 8 months, but there are other guys who are genuinely interested in me. The guys who are interested in me are very serious and dream of marrying me but i just don't have the guts to tell them that I'm in a relationship. Rather I enjoy the spot light...

Hi, i can understand guilt and fear you are going through because of such situations, but anything that makes us feel this way, we should realise that its time to do something about it. i would highly suggest for you to have personal chat or telephonic session and lets discuss this in detail to come down to better solution. Hope this helps Please leave personal message so that we can speak in detail about this
Relationship Asked by female, 21 years. single

Want to patch up broken relationship

HI. I was in a relationship with a man. We had a fight and haven spoken since. I want the relationship back. What should I do? He is not responding to me

Hi, Give some time and space to him, constantly trying to reach him out may not help, I understand its difficult to have patience but once he heals from his own feelings about fight, higher chances for him to approach you as well, meanwhile just leave a message for him about how you feel Hope this helps, for further discussion about same please write back to us with details
Relationship Asked by male, 32 years. single

Loss of self-respect in relationship with friend

I am going through a lot of emotional set back with a friend where am losing self respect totally

Hi, i can imagine that its difficult for you and bothers you so much that you had to approach us, definitely this friend matters to you and hence you would want to work on it despite feeling this way. i wonder if you have tried expressing these feelings to him/her. Also please write in detail out here or personal message so we can help you in depth
Relationship Asked by male, 28 years. single

Unsure about commitment to marry girlfriend with dark complexion

Okay.. I have a girlfriend and its almost 5 years that we are in relationship. Few days ago I said that I will marry her. She has dark complexion and sometimes I really feels that I have mistaken by committing of marriage. My relatives used to say that they will find me a very beautiful n fair...

Dear, friend I respect freedom of choice and cannot agree more that everyone is free to choose kind of partner they want to be in relationship with, and so i respect your choice of dating her, it seems like complexion did not come in way when you started dating your girlfriend and continued so for 5 years, so what has changed now? Reflecting upon this will help you get your answer. write back to us if you want to discuss this further
Relationship Asked by female, 19 years. single

Frustrated and depressed because boyfriend ignores me

I am a girl of 19 years.I am a student of microbiolgy honours. My boy friend always ignores me.This kills me inside.I always feel frustated and depressed when I think about these.I some times feel to kill myself. I am too much obsessed with me out.what shall I do?

Hi,I can understand feeling ignored is not good feeling to have, specially coming from someone who matters a lot, if you haven't already tried asking him about the same, it would be best if you could discuss this with him frankly, unless you make that attempt you will never know of reasons which makes him act like that and it will keep bothering you. thinking about killing yourself is not going to solve your problem, if you still feel that way please call suicide prevention helpline ASARA - +91 22 2754 6669  Which works for 24*7Hope this helps,Feel free to write back to us for further queries
Relationship Asked by female, 25 years. single

Have commitment issues, feeling anxious, guilty, and judgmental

Hello! I am 25 yrs female. I have some issues regarding my relationship. I have had 2 relationships in past....i personally appreciate having single affair...committing to a relation ship....but i donot lead by example. The first one the boy was after me for some time....i knew that our...

Hi, I can understand your predicament, you are unsure about your future with your current boyfriend because you feel that this union will not be accepted socially. The question you need to ask yourself is " do you love the guy you are with now?" for a moment forget what society or your family will think about the relationship and just focus on whether or not you love him and if you want to be with him, or because he is coercing you, you are in the relationship. Once you gain clarity on this, you will be able to make your decision. Please note that if you do want to be with this guy, then...
Relationship Asked by male, 23 years. single

Trust issues with girlfriend because I hacked into her FB page

I love my girlfriend a lot .. bt in past few days do to some reasons.. as i asked her fb password and hack her id.. she thinks that i dont trust her ... so she want breakup... bt i cant live without her a single moment

Hi, While you may love your girlfriend a lot hacking into her FB account may not have been the wisest idea. It is this action that has led her to the conclusion that you do not trust her. So the question you need to ask yourself is 'why you hacked into her FB account?" "do you trust her"Trust is the foundation of any relationship and she feels that you have lost the trust in her. If you feel that this is not the case, you need to reassure her of the same. This may not be easy and may take time. At this point, you need to explain the reasons why you wanted to hack into her FB account, give...
Relationship Asked by male, 24 years. single

Need guidance for relationship issues

Relationship issues and doubts. Want a right answer and correct guide

Hi there, We would need a little more information about what issue you have regarding your relationship to be able to give you proper guidance. If you feel that you are unable to discuss it here, feel free to send me a private message and we can chat about it. It wouldn't be fair to you if I give you a general answer that may or may not be related to your current problem. Hope you hear from you soon. :) 
Relationship Asked by female, 25 years. single

Troubled by relationship with married man. How to get out of it?

Hi I m stressed, I have no hope to live. Just want to die. My bf is troubling me a lot. He's married now even dn he troubles me like hell. He has all my friends no., he takes out my call details. I told him many times v shud brkup else ill die, u r troubling me a lot only u r d problem in my...

Hi Dear, You are going through so much! I can understand the trauma you are going through and how you are feeling. You are in a difficult situation. Your ex-boyfriend is harassing you and you are going through a lot of mental pressure. If he is harassing you and using you for money, you need cut contact with him and to do that I would suggest  first, please lodge a police complaint and try to get help from the police to get him to stop contacting you. Second, inform your office not to allow him into the premises and try changing your number and blocking him out. Take your friends into...
Relationship Asked by female, 16 years. single

How to manage relationship along with career?

Hello I m 16 years old student nd studied in 12th class (pcm) nd my question about my relationship nd also my career,.actually I won't break my parents trust nd my sis nd my partner also nd I want ask that how can I manage my relationship nd career both simultaneously

Hi there, from what I gather, your parents do not approve of your relationship, and you do not want to upset them but at the same time maintain a balance.  Well, yes maintaining a balance at such a young age can be difficult, especially since when there are relationships and feelings involved. First, you need to understand that your parents' disapproval stems from concern about you and your future. So if they see that you are able to maintain a healthy balance, their disapproval might lessen. In order to do so, you need to focus on your college work and doing well in your studies. 12th...
Relationship Asked by female, 19 years. single

How to get over my boyfriend who got married to someone else?

Im in big rollercoaster of my life my bf got married .. i loved him a hell .. and cant get rid of these problm..

I feel for you. I understand that a break up can be extremely hard to handle and can take a toll on your emotional wellbeing where you feel like you may never recover or get over this phase again. You are feeling helpless and out of control at the moment. Do not worry, the good news is that you will recover and you have the strength in you do so as long as you  believe in yourself. However, this may not happen as quickly as you wish and only with time you can heal completely. By taking this first step of seeking help is not only brave but it is also a sign that you are ready to get over...
Relationship Asked by female, 20 years. single

How to deal with a dominating partner?

I am 20, studying in a renowned engineering college. I am in a relationship for the last 9months, and we truly love each other. He is 30. And very soon we are getting engaged with our parents' consent. But, I have been realising this for the last some days, that he has stopped understanding me ....

Hi, I understand that you are experiencing some worry about your relationship. I also understand that the age gap between the two of you may be the cause of this worry. First, let me tell you that you that there is no right or wrong about feeling something. You must understand that every relationship goes through its ups and downs and by disregarding your feelings and considering them as 'wrong' is putting you in a more vulnerable position to go deeper into negative thinking. So, you are right in your apprehensions and it is important that you discuss these apprehensions with someone. As I...
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Why is it hard to let go of a loved one?

Why do people have a hard time letting go of things/people which are not good for them?

Hi, letting go can he hard, especially when it comes to letting go of people more than things. There are many reasons why it can be hard and only by understanding this "why" will you be able to do so. It is my understanding that letting go becomes harder because we fear change. We may fear that letting go may be the loss of a secure future (or our present vision of the future) or the loss of the good memories you have with that person. Sometimes even though we realise that our judgement of the person was wrong, we still stick to them because we do not want to hurt our egos, we don't want to...
Relationship Asked by male, 35 years. married

How to resolve relationship crisis?

How to resolve relationship crisis?

Understand the areas of the relationship where the crisis is & start resolving it, one thing at a time..!! It is about clarity of intention, close attention, detailed understanding, contingency plan & execution.