Questions related to Stress
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Stress Asked by female, 30 years. single

my friend says she is suffering from depression

One of my friend is always saying she is not happy and wants to die. What should I do. She reacts to small small issues very angrily. She has a problem of anxiety and depression since quite long. She was okay since last 2 months but again she is feeling too much pressure on her mind.

Dear Writer, thank you for writing. It's good to know you want to help your friend. Try and be supportive and you can recommend that she consider counselling to help her deal with her issues. However for me to understand and help you accordingly I would require more information on your friend. Who she is as an individual and what kind of things set her off? What is pressurising her again? Please message back to continue discussing. Regards
Stress Asked by male, 21 years. single

How do I forget about the girl who doesn't love me back and focus on my career?

I'm a student of age 21 years. I want to be in a good relationship with a girl. I really want to take care of the girl so much. But I'm not liked by any girl that the sad part. What should I do should I forget about it and focus only on career please suggest me. Thank you.

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes courage to take this step and reach out to us. I understand that you had cared for some girls in college but they didn't reciprocate and that can hurt a person's feelings. To understand you better and help you accordingly could you tell me more about yourself as an individual. What are the problems or troubles you have when you interact with women your age? Also why do you think these girls whom you cared for did not like you back the same way? Please message back to continue discussing. We are here to help.
Stress Asked by female, 27 years. single

Moved city and missing my hostel life and friends. Feeling guilty about the attachment with a boy inspite of having boyfriend for 6 years.

I have moved to my hometown from studying place after finishing my undergraduation and postgraduation. Moving back home after staying in hostel for last 10 years brought a lot of adjustment issues. I miss my freedom. Here everyone expect me to discuss each and everything before taking any step. I...

Hi, would like to what's the problem you would like to work on? Your environmental adjustment? Relationship? Love matter?what is it? Because you mentioned here three problem..... Which is bothering you much??
Stress Asked by male, 19 years. single

My girlfriend is not showing enough seriousness or love towards me. Listening to her rich dad, busy in shopping!

My girlfriend is of 17 years. She is rich. Recently her father came to know about us. One evening I kept calling her and her father got annoyed. He kept us apart for 2 whole days without letting her use her phone. But she won't revolt against her father as she is his favorite daughter. If this...

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to the askile team with your concerns and struggles in keeping your relationship alive. I understand you are 19 and she is 17. You are troubled by the fact that you are not getting enough attention and affection from her though you have shown so much commitment to this relationship with her. You are even willing to abandon your family for being with her and you expect the same from her. At some point she told you she would revolt against her father to be with you. What does that mean? She is only 17, still a minor. Now both of you plan to go to different...
Stress Asked by female, 30 years. married

"Over-thinking leading to sleeplessness"

Hello, I feel I am constantly thinking about something or the other. My mind never stops working. I take an hour to fall asleep even when I am sleepy for my mind is full of thoughts. What should I do to calm my mind? kindly help

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out. It seems like you have developed anxiety. If these thoughts are about a particular subject, then you have specific anxiety. However, it sounds to me like you have generalized anxiety where random thoughts and incidents plague the mind. One thought leads to another, and then the next and the next. The thoughts never stop and you end up feeling exhausted by the end of the day. Does that sound like you? If yes, worry not (no pun intended), for you are not alone. Generalized anxiety is a very common problem especially in women. I have some questions for you...
Stress Asked by female, 25 years. single

My best friend does not like me any more, he likes my another friend. I can't tolerate!

I am suffering a lot and really want to come out of it. This is my story. I am currently pursuing masters. In the year 2014 I met my school classmate. I am quite shy and not so good looking girl. We became very good friends and he used to be there for me every time. We were very close friends....

Hi, I can imagine the hurt you are going through currently, it must not be easy to see the person you have such strong feelings for with someone else. moving on can be difficult but it is not impossible. Seeking help is the first step in that process and you have started it so kudos to you. However, I think this obsession for the guy is stemming from your need for love. So, the first thing we need to understand how you feel about yourself. I have a few questions which would give me more insight and also help you reflect on your emotions as well.
Stress Asked by female, 24 years. single

Lost boyfriend of ten years. Feeling very upset.

I lost my boyfriend of ten years to a heart attack last November. His life could be saved but due to medical negligence and the friends who took him to the hospital were clueless and careless he lost his life. And in some ways i blame myself too, because i feel that i didn't take good care of...

Hi there! I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Losing someone so close in life is extremely difficult. I can only imagine how shaken up you must be feeling. It is natural for you to wonder if you could have done more; or maybe, if only, you had done things differently, he would be alive. Let me tell you, you did the BEST that was possible. The friends who took him to the hospital must have done their best at the time as well. Today, maybe they feel responsible and helpless just like you do. We are not trained to respond to emergency, let alone an emergency where a significant other is...
Stress Asked by female, 38 years. divorced

My sadness and hopeless feelings impacting my career and loved ones

I am feeling sad and hopeless for last few days. This is impacting my relationship with loved ones around as well as my own career. Sound like a old problem lingering on from many years. Looking for help !

Hi, I can't imagine what you have gone through, and how tough it must be to go about your day to day activities feeling like the way you are. feelings of sadness often engulf us and has repercussions on other aspects of our lives too. There are many reasons for us to feel sad and it is important to understand the root of the problem. hence, I have a couple of questions to help me better understand your current state so that I can better help you. :)
Stress Asked by male, 23 years. single

How to handle stress?

How to handle stress. I am really into multi tasking. I make things complex then and then it really gets difficult to handle stuff. Thus i create a situation of stress. so please tell me. How to handle it?

Hi, I can understand what you are going through. In this present world stress is really too high and comes from every side.. I appreciate your effort to come forward for help which shows how much you value your life. Stress is not something which comes from outside it is how we look at the situation. I would suggesst that u prioritize your things and take up one task at a time, which will help you not to be burdened with too many things. I would like to hear more from you to know what are the things which stress you to help you forward.. Looking for your response
Stress Asked by female, 28 years. single

I can't seem to land a job or find peace in my love life. I am losing focus in life!

I can't seem to land a job or find peace in my love life. I am losing focus in life. I don't know whom to speak to?

Hi, It must be really difficult when you say you are losing focus in life. Also it must be upsetting you when you say you are not able to land up in a job or your love life is not peaceful. I would like to tell you that we are privileged that you felt that we would be suitable for sharing your concerns. I would try my best to work with you. To start with it would me nice if you could provide some more information about yourself. Like - what kind of job are you looking at? What are your areas and specialization. I would require these information so that we could work together in sorting...
Stress Asked by female, 22 years. single

Frustrated due to being unable to reach high goals

My brother is demotivated because he aims for goals that are too high for him. He has lost interest in studies and is irritable and rude with people.

Stress Asked by female, 29 years. married

Husband stressed due to financial constraints

My husband is unable to enjoy the small joys of married life because he is stressed about financial issues.

Hi, I am glad that you wrote to us and you feel we would be apt to share your feeling with. It indeed must a really monotonous to lead the same way of life with out a small break. You also mention that you expect your husband to give you some complements, and this would make you feel good. You also feel that it would be wonderful if you both could travel and spend sometime together. At the same time you also mentioned about financial tension and hence your husband doesn't show much interest in these activities. How about coming with solutions that could help him with his financial...
Stress Asked by female, 25 years. single

Want to run away but not sure if I will be happy

I want to run away from my life in order to be happy but I am not sure whether running away will give me happiness.

Hi, I understand that you are in a very difficult and trying situation. I also understand that you are feeling it is too much to take and it is better to run away from all that you have been going through. And the uncertainty as to what running away will hold for you. All these are very valid questions that come to mind and thoughts that trouble your brain in such situations. But hold on. Hold on, as the good times do not last for long, difficult times too do not last for long.
Stress Asked by female, 28 years. single

Stressed while preparing for Civil Services exam

I am 28 years. I am preparing for civil exam but could not concentrate on studies as my friend studies in that my fear increasing day by day and also i have problem that as my 28 year old should live this dream and start doing other thing in this not able concentrate by studies as my family...

Stress Asked by female, 20 years. single

Need therapist to discuss relationship problems

I have relationship problems. Can i please talk to a therapist?

Hi,I understand that you are going through confusion or tough time with regards to your relationships and  would want to share, you can choose to write down everything and put it up here in another question, we have many therapists here who would love to hear about what you have to share.Hope this helpsFor further queries please write back to us
Stress Asked by female, 21 years. single

Loss of interest in activities that were previously pleasurable

In Very Bad Situation - Feeling Like Life Is Being LOST Although Am Living My Daily Routine Life, But It Feels Like I Have Lost My Self Somewhere Else, No Joy-No Excitement-No Happiness-No Willingness Nothing Is Going Good. I Don't Even Get Time For Myself, Always HOME-TRAVEL-WORK And Vice Versa...

Hi :) First of all I'd like to appreciate you for taking the first step and writing to us. Contrary to what you say, it actually shows that you have self love and you want to protect yourself. Reading what you've wrote, it feels like your mind is a rollercoaster and there's a huge whirlwind of emotions that's bottled up in there and you're so overwhelmed by it all. From what you've told me it seems like you're not happy with your job mostly, and the source of your unhappiness starts there. That's pretty understandable since we spend most of our time at our workplaces, including travel,...
Stress Asked by male, 28 years. single

Unable to fight demons inside me, feel sad all the time

the demon inside me is much more powerful than the angel,for the last 10 years i am fighting vry hard to gain control over it.i cant continue to do a good work to achieve something good that matters in a result i find myself deprssed all the time,i feel like i am a cursed and flawed...

Hey, What I am about to say, is not for the one who does not believe, so if in case you are reading it, it is not for a person who does not believe in spirituality. "Spirituality Alert" I can relate to you and let me tell that it takes up a lot of courage to open up about what you have shared here, why I said that I relate to you is because I have come across a friend who was going through the same condition as you are going through. He came to me one day and told me the things that you are telling me, you need not worry, you have communicated to us of what you are going through, and let...
Stress Asked by male, 25 years. single

Faced many disappointments in life

I'm very depressed and thinking about to die Because when I'm looking around me I found only negative reaction of all those things what I did in my life. I always tried to do something which can give a new boost in my life and career but every time I found disappointment so please help me if you...

Hi,I can feel the amount of things you have kept to yourself and would want to share, i would strongly suggest you to either meet up mental health professional face to face, if you leave your location in personal message it will be safe and we can help you locate one near by, or you can choose to write down everything and put it up here in another question, we have many people here who would love to hear about what you have to share.For now try to write down all your negative experiences that you say you are able to look at, writing it down here and sharing it us, will help us help you...
Stress Asked by female, 17 years. single

I have lack of concentration. Suicidal thoughts. Not wanting to be happy.

I have lack of concentration. Suicidal thoughts. Not wanting to be happy.

 I know life can be hard and problems can pile up so high that we cannot see a way out .You're  not alone; many of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our lives. Feeling suicidal is not a character defect, and it doesn't mean that you are crazy, or weak, or flawed. Being unsure about dying is okay and normal. The fact that you are still alive at this minute means that even while you want to die, at the same time some part of you still wants to live. So let's hang on to that hope, and keep going for a few more minutes.That's all it's about. It doesn't even mean that you...
Stress Asked by female, 21 years. single

Disrupted sleep, feeling negative, low self-confidence, irritated, loss of interest in life

Hlw sir or madam i m shweta Actully mujhe aisa feel ho raha h ki mai depression me ja rahi h.mujhe kfi dino se theek se nind ni a rahi h or raat me to bilkul bhi ni or mera man kisi kam me ni lag rah or bahot negativety feel ho raha h or confident loose ho raha h or mai kafi chirchira feel kr...

Dear Shweta, Thank you for writing to us. You have not mentioned your age. Are you a teenager or a young adult. I am asking this as sometimes during teenage there are hormonal changes in the body which lead to these mood changes and feeling low sometimes, especially during the menstrual cycle. I hope your periods are on time and regular with no dysmenorrhea or any other issues. If you have physical pain or heavy periods then you must seek a gynaecologist help and she will take care of these moods and irritability with the proper medication and therapy. The second reason could be that you...
Stress Asked by male, 17 years. single

Feeling like a failure, lonely, unable to focus, loss of interest in life, stressed

I am alone, I have no friends. It's not I look bad, but I am not also satisfied with my physique and tanned skin on my face, I feel unconfident. I even get in arguments with my parents as they say me loser. I am hating myself and losing my interest to live. Even the girl I loved just made...

Hi there, feeling lonely and unloved is not nice and your feelings are understandable. From what you have shared with us, you feel that you are lacking in some aspects and that is why you feel that nobody likes you. The first thing you need to do is to learn to love yourself. Self-love is the appreciation of oneself and you need this to build the confidence to make friends. There are several different techniques you can follow to develop your self-love. However, this is a slow process and will require dedication and perseverance from your end. the first thing I want you to do is to create a...
Stress Asked by female, 21 years. single

Low self-esteem and self-confidence, self-critical

I have a low self esteem and that is a source of stress for me. In spite of doing fairly well in all spheres of life I have a very low self confidence. I am over critical with myself...its like my body and my mind works hard for me but my inner self doesn't appreciate it or feels satisfied ever.

Hi, I can understand how you are feeling right now. Low self-esteem stems from viewing yourself as inadequate, unacceptable and/or unworthy. These beliefs create negative, self-critical thoughts that may affect your behaviour and actions, often lowering your self-confidence even further.  There are ways you can overcome this, but before you can do that, you have to understand what kind of thoughts you are having that is making you feel low. so the first thing that you would need to do is keep a journal. In this journal write down all the negative thoughts you have about yourself and how you...
Stress Asked by female, 30 years. single

Suffering from stress, guilt, and unnecessary worry

I feel very stressed and my mind preoccupied with unneccessary worries abd thoughts snd sometimes i feel very guilty.

Hi, I understand that you are stressed because there is something that is bothering you and it is important for you to figure out what is it that is making you feel this way. Is there any particular thing that is bothering you and making you feel guilty? Once you figure out why and with what your mind is preoccupied it becomes easier to deal with the stress. Trying some relaxation techniques may help you deal with the stress better. listening to some relaxing music, doing yoga or pranayama or even repeating certain phrases like "I am a calm person" and "I deserve peace in my life" several...