5 cues that your partner may be cheating on you


Psychologically, one of the worst things that can happen to you is finding out that your partner has been cheating on you.

The knowledge that your spouse, who are you so devoted to, does not love you back equally can be devastating. However, there are people who think nothing of committing adultery and simply cannot control their roving eye. It is better to remove such toxic people from your life and move on, instead of wallowing in self-pity and hurt.

How do you recognise the cues that show you that your partner could be cheating on you?

  1. Your spouse is coming home late.


If your spouse has suddenly started coming home late on a regular basis without offering any explanation, he or she could be having an affair. When prompted, they could trump up excuses like late-night meetings or visits to the gym.

If you find that your spouse’s change in schedule is odd, it is possible that your sixth sense is correct.

  1. Your spouse ignores you.


You were looking forward to spending the weekend together, but you find that your spouse has other plans. What used to be your time together as a couple has vanished, replaced by his or her time with “friends.”

If your spouse no longer wants to spend time with you, then it is a red flag. You should look carefully for the reason!

  1. Your spouse starts lavishing you with gifts.


Are you surprised that your spouse has suddenly started gifting you things–small and big? You should be more than surprised; you should be suspicious. Unless you can think of a valid reason for this change in behavior, you would do well to investigate further.

Often, a spouse who is cheating may feel guilty and try to compensate by giving gifts.

  1. Your spouse does not allow you to touch his or her phone.


If you find that your normally-cool husband or wife has become secretive and watches his or her phone like a hawk, there is a problem.

Most cases of cheating are caught when the spouse accidentally finds an inappropriate text message or photo.

Your spouse may put a password on the phone and decline to share it with you. In a marriage, sharing a password for legitimate reasons is completely normal. Not wanting to disclose a password may mean that something is not quite right.

  1. Your spouse does not want to have sex.


You can be sure that something is amiss if your partner does not want to have sex at all or if the frequency of sex has drastically reduced. The reason may be varied–job stress, emotional upheaval, or a physiological problem.

Cheating is also one of the reasons that your spouse is withdrawing from you. You should speak to him or her directly about it and observe the impact. That should give you a clue about what is going on.

These cues may not always point to the fact that your spouse is cheating on you. However, you should consider infidelity as a possible cause after you have eliminated other reasons.

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