Effect of Divorce on Kids

Effect of Divorce on Kids

DIVORCE, a scenario that not only destroy the relationship shared by two parents but also has the worst possible effect of divorce on kids.

These situations are such that they have the potentiality of leaving the kid with long term impressions of insecurities, hatred, anger and aggression as well.

Some of the worst possible effects of divorce on kids are listed below:-


Speaking of the worst case scenario that comes into play because of divorced parents is the extreme guilt that the kid faces at the very early age of his/her life.

The only reason they feel guilty is because they end up blaming themselves for the divorce. This effects their mental as well as physical growth in the worst possible way . Gradually it ends up making them numb and they all they think about is their parents getting back together again someday. Completely unaware of the fact that it’s a wishful thinking after all .

According to the reports from Divorced parents , their children started bed watering again and that they didn’t want to or perhaps could not perform simple tasks that they would have easily done before .

If we have a careful observation, their behavior deteriorate because since the very childhood, parents are the center of their universe. They depend on them not only for the materialistic stuffs but also emotionally.

2. The “NOT AT ALL SOCIAL” Behavior

Psychiatrist suggests that if observed carefully, one can see that there is correlation between kids with divorced parents and social skills.

The fact that have gone through a lot and seen situations and scenarios which are not at all mentally healthy, makes them an extreme kind of introvert.

It’s because of their rough past that they are completely unable to trust people unconditionally.

And this is the reason why they have less social contacts . Especially young children tend to cut all social relationships after their parent’s get Divorced.


A mind is in it’s best state to learn only when it’s happy. In other words, no matter to what extent you try but a stressed mind can neither learn fast nor adapt to changes quickly.

According to a survey, children from divorced families are more likely to have academic problems, and they get in trouble either by the school authority or by the police for being aggressive.

Moreover when their academic performance were checked, children with their parent’s divorced generally had poorer scores.

Therefore the worst effect in a child with divorced parents is on their brain , which not only ruins their childhood and happiness but reduces their opportunity of having a bright future.


The unconditional love between the parents is something their children believe in, it’s something that somehow or the other boosts their moral and fills them with fortitude.

However when they see such a bond breaking , they try to figure out the reason themselves.

And as per their perception they end up thinking that they are the reason for all the worst that their parents are going through. They often think they caused the divorce by behaving not as expected.

They grow up with a guilt which gets in it’s ugly form with every passing day. This tend to lower their self esteem and fill them up with low or no confidence, which is why kids with divorced parents are usually introverts.


If seen closely , a divorce is a life changing event for a children. It completely turns their life upside down. Moreover they deal with such scenarios in a age when they don’t even know what divorce actually is.

At a age when they should be learning something new everyday, children with divorced parents usually find themselves surrounded with depressing questions like : Why can’t I live with my parents?  Will I ever be able to meet them?   Am I the reason for everything that’s happening?   How do I face people and my friends?

And somehow or the other, these questions gradually swallow their whole creativity and childhood.

All they are left with are deep dark insecurities, which gets deeper with every passing day because they never share it with anyone.


Every feeling that has been there within you since a long time will take some shape when it’s old. No matter how deep or secretive some feelings like Love , Jealousy , Hate,  Greed or ANGER etc can always be seen in a person dealing with it.

In a similar way these insecurities and anti social behavior of the children with divorced parents actually fill them with HATRED.

And as these feelings remain inside the individual since very long they take the shape of anger and aggression.

Surveys have brought to us the fact that individuals with divorced parent’s are tend to be more short tempered.

They find it difficult to deal or connect to people because of the anger that they had unknowingly grown within them

This not only effects their personal or professional life but ends up making them dislike themselves.


As it is said that ‘EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING’ , it holds quite true for such kids with divorced parents too as there is still some ray of hope.

According to report in 2017, it was found that most of the kids with their parents divorced proves to be comparatively more independent than the rest of the kids. Being alone  and facing all the hurdles of themselves , while some of them break down , but others choose to survive.

It’s a universal fact that an empty stomach can teach you  the best lessons in life. Therefore the thing that differs these kids from the rest of them is their experience.

Since a very early age when children of their age are pampered carefully , these kids shape their own life all by themselves.  These kid deal with the real tough world since their childhood which leaves them with real life experiences that glorifies their life later.

Some of the great musicians, artists , and poets who are well known now were once suffering from all of those negative  and worse effects that one can have due to divorced parents.

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