Five things couple should do every morning

Often we get up in the morning and start thinking about the day ahead, about our work, about pending chores and list is too long. But in these thoughts, we forget to nurture our relationship with our partner.  But taking out few minutes to connect with your partner before you start your day can add fuel to your relationship.  The simple act of cuddling and brushing can also improve your bonding.

5 things couple should do every morning

How you start your day with your partner can make a big difference in your relationship. Below are five ways you should do with your partner every morning for a blissful and happy married life.

Cuddle up & Make eye contacts

What would be greater and energizing than getting up in arms of someone you love the most. This is the very first thing the happiest couples start their day with.  According to Elizabeth Lombardo, author of bestseller A Happy You: Your ultimate Prescription of Happiness “Cuddling releases a feel-good hormone also known as oxytocin. It increases your overall happiness.  Apart from cuddling making eye contact and letting the eyes to speak brings couples close.  Eye contact is one thing which always works as magic. Remember it was your eyes which did all the talking when you first met each other.

Exercise Together/Do Couple Yoga

Doing exercise or couple yoga together will help you to relate to one another. It will help you in stretching your level of trust and will improve your communication. It will have a positive impact on your relationship. According to Julia Lehrman, a certified Yoga instructor, doing exercise or couple yoga together is like giving a treat to your relationship. It helps improve your coordination between each other. It will not help reduce anxiety but will also add a boost to your sex life. If you are among those who really do not get time to exercise in the morning on weekdays, then do it on weekends.Couples are busily chasing money that they forget to keep in shape. Early Saturday morning, you can jog together and tidy up your home together. Share house chores, finish in time and get busy in bed.

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Have Breakfast together 

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and so for your relationship. Surprised what breakfast has to do with relationship. Having breakfast together helps you to connect to each other. But for that make sure you are not gazing your televisions or mobiles. Give your 100 percent time to your partner while having breakfast and see how it fuels your relationship. According to a research done by team psychologists “The simple act of having breakfast together bring you and your partner to an emotionally better place.” If you both have different schedules for breakfast, make a point to have your morning tea or coffee together. No matter if you have to get up 10 minutes early to fit this schedule into your daily routine. These 10 minutes will make your entire day a happy day.

Kiss Good Bye 

Kissing your partner before leaving to work is the best way to show him/her that he/she is being loved. After years of marriage, couple forgets that nonsexual physical connection is vital not only for their relationship but also for their mental health and peace. If kids are around,the idea of kissing each other may sound weird but you should do it. Because it is even good for them to learn that you love each other and you are setting an example of a healthy relationship in front of them.”According to a research done by Arizona State University communications professor Kory Floyd and colleagues in 2009, a kiss not only improves your intimate relationship but also reduces your risk of having heart diseases by reducing stress. So kiss your partner and feel stress – free rest of the day.

Do morning chores together 

Base of the happy relationship lies in helping each other with daily chores. Especially doing morning chores together as a couple helps you bring close to each other and improves your connection with each other. While wife prepares for the breakfast, the husband can get kids ready for school. This act will not only help your wife get more time but also will give her a message that you care for her. While doing household chores, doing romantic acts like kissing or hugging will add more spice to your life. Just give it a try, you can thank us later.

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