Revive your love this Valentine’s Day

February is a magical month…The fragrance of love is in the air… Red colour makes the environment so cheerful… thought Annie while sitting on the couch watching TV.  She started thinking of her first Valentine’s Day when her husband John left no stone unturned to make the Valentine’s Day a fairytale for her. Roses, candlelight dinner and a long drive it was all sort of a dream sequence for her. Suddenly there was a bang on the door and she was back in reality. Tears rolled down her eyes. It has been four years since they have got married but it was like there is no spark left between them.

Valentine’s Day is just like some other day now. There is no special feeling. It is not that they did not love each other anymore. It is that responsibilities have given set back to their romance. Life for her is just about juggling between taking care of kid and house and managing the professional life.

Almost all couples can relate to above story (except the few lucky ones who manage to keep the spark alive after years of marriage). It is not that after certain time couples stop loving each other. The real reason behind it is with responsibilities and a set routine love starts to take a setback in life.

“According to a study, done by Groupon, 80 percent of couples will still be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, but the majority (53 percent) feels they do the same exact thing year after year. Which makes it boring and just like a routine.”

Revive your love this Valentine’s Day

During the ups and downs of life, sometimes misunderstandings, ego, pain, and disconnect creeps in the couples life. Valentine’s Day is a happy excuse (Though love should be celebrated every day) to celebrate love and revive the magic of love between the couple. So, this Valentine’s Day forget the fights and sprinkle the magical red colour once again in your life.


Tips to make Valentine’s Day Special

Here are some tips to make your Valentine’s Day special. You can thank us later.

Start your day with a kiss

Start your day with a kiss. Wake up your partner with a kiss. Tell him/her that she/he is the thing you have in mind not only today but always. This magical way of starting Valentine’s Day will sure shot make your partner fall in love with you all over again.

Appreciate your partner

This is the magic mantra for a successful married life. This Valentine’s Day put this mantra in your life. Tell your partner that their presence has made your life beautiful. Appreciate every little gesture they do for you. Appreciate their looks.

Hide a love note for your partner

Handwritten notes are more powerful than those expensive greeting cards. You do not need to write a poem or letter. A simple “I love you” will be more than enough to make him/her feel happy throughout the day. Hide it in place you know he/she will check before the day is through.

Surprise your partner

You do not need to buy a diamond ring or expensive watch for the surprise. A simple bouquet of rose or a chocolate will be enough to surprise your partner. Just wrap the surprise in the warmth of your love and let them widen their eyes with surprise. You will surely get loads of hugs and kisses in return.

Cook Meal Together

Cook a meal together. Make each other favourite meal and make your Valentine’s Day delicious. No restaurant food can have the same delicious taste as this meal will have.Off course because the magic ingredient is LOVE. Make the evening more special by arranging a candlelight dinner at home.

Bring back those days

This Valentine’s Day bring back those moments which you spent during your courtship period. Message your partner throughout the day. Say I love U as often as you can. Try recreating all those special things you used to do for each other. Don’t feel upset if you cannot create all of them. Only few will be enough to bring that blush back.

Dance with your partner

You may not be a perfect dancer. But what can be more perfect that dancing with your partner? Turn on the music hold your partner near you and just let love do it part. We guarantee these will be the best dance moves of your life.

Create a Collage

Create a collage of special pictures of your both. Maybe the first picture you clicked together. Pictures you have taken together. Also, write how you felt during those moments. Running down the memory lane will get the spark and love back in your marriage.

We hope these tips help you to make your Valentine’s Day a special one. May this Valentine’s Day love fill your hearts and lives. Celebrate each day with your love like it is Valentine’s Day. Make every day a special one!

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