How is your sex life after 10 years of marriage and why does it matter?


It is challenging for most couples to maintain the passion of the honeymoon phase. But that does not mean that their sex life has to become worse and worse until it vanishes altogether. According to psychologists, a couple’s sex life has its good and bad times throughout the marriage. There are several factors for these ups and downs–anxiety, stress, relationship troubles, and health status.

What research says

Research conducted by Brigham Young University in the U.S. shows that happiness and communication between a couple starts going down from the beginning of the marriage. It is said that the lowest point in a marriage is at the 10-year mark. If a couple can stick together for another 5 years, they will see a drop in the fights. The interesting part is that you have to be married for 35 years before you can see a complete absence of conflict.

After 10 years of knowing each other in and out, how is your sex life? Are you letting it die?

Life after 10 years


The tenth anniversary is a busy time in a couple’s life. If they have children, this is the time they are growing up and are in the middle of schooling. The couple’s careers may have reached a time when they are rapidly rising.

You may be busy caring for the children and tending to their needs from morning to night. By the time everything is done and you can finally climb into bed, you are probably too tired to even think about sex.

Intimacy is important


However, relationship experts say that you must make time for intimacy and sex. It might help to schedule some “couple time” into your day, even if it makes the passion predictable.

To make things exciting, you and your partner could tease each other throughout the day with naughty calls or text messages. This build up could be helpful when you finally find the time to unwind in your partner’s arms at night.

Marriage is an ongoing project


A good marriage requires constant work, all throughout life. Do not let it turn into a sexless one.

If you have trouble communicating with your partner about your waning sex life, you could approach online counsellors anonymously for guidance.

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