Stressed and anxious?? Reasons you’re not asking for help and why you should!!!


Haven’t we all been in that place where we try to open the one bottle that just wouldn’t open and keep trying until we either break the bottle or bloody our finger…. sometimes both!!!!  All we needed to  do was call someone who had more strength or borrow the correct tool!

The irony is that we still do not learn. Time after time, we still keep convincing ourselves that we could open that bottle without asking for help!!!

Humans become a  stubborn race when they grow up, don’t we!! Toddlers are so much better at it! Be it unscrewing a lid or opening up a barbie box, finding toys or dressing up, they are happy to ask for help and yet somewhere between childhood and adolescence, the concept of self reliance comes into play.

Im sure we teach it wrong. Somewhere in the way we are educated or treated. We suddenly see ourselves as a burden to others. We are taught to smile hiding our  true feelings and then we tend to forget that its ok to ask for help!!!!

So Why is it so tough to ask for help?

Well there may be a variety of reasons

1. You do not want to appear weak or struggling when there is  constant inflow of words like self reliance, independence and inner strength.

2. You fear being refused or worse ridiculed.

3. You do not wish the world to see how bad the situation really is!

4. You are so burdened with activity and life in general that you honestly do not have the time. Making ends meet and taking care of family  is exhausting and draining in itself, not to mention time consuming.

5. You are mentally coaxing yourself to handle it, one day at a time.

6. You see yourself in a situation where you doubt anyone can help you anyway, its just one of those which you believe you have to face yourself.

7. Help comes at a price and you are running low on budget??

8. You do not wish to burden anyone. Everyone seems to have enough on their plates as it is.

So every issue that you face comes with choices that you need to make.

1. Should you ask for help or go DIY
2. How to ask to help
3. Whom to ask for help

When do you need help??

In most situations its obvious. Say you don’t know how to knit and you want a sweater. You either buy one or learn to knit.

So you could either join a knitting group or ask your mum who knits to teach you or just go online and download videos and tutorials.

Sadly when it comes to emotional wellbeing, you do not wish to burden family, dread being refused or being called a whiner by friends and convince yourself that you can manage on your own.

The struggles begin. Depending on your situation you can face anything from mild anxiety attacks at the minimum to complete nervous breakdown.

And yet the irony is that we as humans generally live to help family and friends in need. From the bible to the scout groups we were always taught to do atleast one good deed a day. In this day and age when help is available online and offline, it is truly a pity that so many people still suffer from insomnia, weight and all other stress related issues.

Honestly it might seem overwhelming but help is too easy to find only if you ASK

So true atleast with the worldwide web.

Thankfully google does not feel burdened or overwhelmed and more importantly, it does not JUDGE!!!

Infact it gives u options… Psychological problems infact are more easily  shared online without the secrecy and identity factors coming into play, while the couch is severely dreaded for the same reasons.

Online counselling gives you the anonymity you need! Saves time and there’s no sense of burden what so ever!
No wonder the popularity is hitting rooftops!!!

The best thing…. It’s mostly FREE …. You do not have to spend a fortune and go broke in the process.

Infact many new age employee engagement companies such as Culturegrade suggests organisations to adopt online counselling to provide help to their employees going through stress or anxiety in their personal or work life.

Its you and your choices all the way.  Your timings, you need to withhold or divulge details, your convenience and basically the help you require is not only figuratively but literally at your fingertips!!

But then again, there might be problems which have physical aspects, back to that bottle you know..well you could actually ring the bell next door, take a chance. You might actually find a cool neighbour and if you find no one answered, well atleast you will have the satisfaction of trying your best!!! Sometimes we just need to give it a shot.

Lets give happiness a shot this year. Counsel others and if they are shy, tell them to find help online.

We do have a panel of expert psychologists right here. Feel free to try it or refer anyone who you think needs help.

Helping others is happiness. Lets do our good deed of the day 🙂

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