20 Things to tell your Girlfriend to make her feel special

It’s not easy to fall in love unless someone actually makes a move that moves your stubborn heart to a situation when everything seems good and every moment spent makes sense. To all boys there who are indeed lucky to have a girlfriend to look after them all the time, comforting them like a son and protecting like a brother, you surely can’t imagine your lives without her, can you? Every day, every morning when your mind wakes up and the first name that comes to your brain and the first face you think of is hers. Every time your brains jumps up to give an amazing idea to surprise her or make her feel special but something stops you, somehow your mind gets confused with words and that idea never reaches her. I truly believe that’s everyone’s story right. With all the same troubles that each one of you is facing, I am here to help you get out of every fear and say the top 30 things to her that take your girlfriend to the seventh heaven and make her believe that her presence in your life is truly no less than an elixir.



  1. Very clichéd, but it works like nothing else can:

    Tell her you love her. You might think it becomes really cheesy to say these words everyday but no, it’s actually a special feeling to hear them and hearing them one every day that too without any occasion can make anyone feel really special. She’s valuable and she should know that. Tell your girlfriend you love her everyday even during the worst of crisis.

  2. A morning booster:

    This works amazingly well. Make her feel special by wishing her with morning greetings and telling her that she’s looking beautiful. Trust me, it can make her weekend too!

  3.  Acknowledge her presence:

    Do not forget to tell her that you’re glad to have her. Just tell it out of the blue, you don’t a romantic setup to utter this. Even when she’s wiping your face or cooking food for you.

  4. Tell her she is beautiful:

    You need to make her remember this even when she herself forgets it. She is busy with chores every day but she doesn’t forget to apply her makeup just so she looks perfect for you. Appreciate these little efforts by her and make her feel the best.

  5. Tell her she’s naughty:

    Who wouldn’t like to hear that? Give it a shot and you see the results. You bet, this makes anyone’s day. Your girlfriend is actually wanting you to pay attention to her.

  6. Call her a kid:

She’s surely kiddish with you and wants you to pamper her that way. Care for her like a baby and that’s the most you can do. She deserves all the love In the world and it’s your duty that she’s doesn’t feel its dearth.

7. Call her best: 

She is actually the best for you, isn’t she? Tell her this and make her feel the best then.

8. Have deep talks:

Tell her what you feel about life, tell her what your opinions here. Talk to her about stuff that matters.

9. Recite her jokes:

Don’t make life be cheesy, share some jokes and have reasons to laugh out loud.

10. Talk about future:

Okay, this one’s important. If you talk to her about your future together, she definitely feels the best.

11. Praise her food:

She might make bland food but hasn’t she put in efforts? Express those.

12. Appreciate her dress:

Even if she’s not looking as pretty, appreciate her. She did it for you and deserves equal praise.

13. Recite her poems:

Poems work like wonders and love poems reach the next level depth of her heart. Want to make her feel special? Go google poems quick!

14. Quotes are amazing:

Everyday, a quote is something that rejuvenates you. Recite her quotes, some deep, some funny. Make the best combo and you’ve done making her feel the best.

15. Tell her

she’s like an elixir of your life and 99.99% times the antidote to your problem.

16. Tell her

that with her support, all your problems go away like winds in summer

17. Tell her

that here mere smile makes your day bright and that after a long hectic day, a single hug from her is enough to recharge you.

18. Tell her

that her caring nature and the way she spreads love everywhere is what makes you go crazy over her.

19. Tell her

that her hair is the most beautiful thing in the world you’ve ever seen

Lastly, tell her that she is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you and that you want this particular thing to happen to you

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