Here’s The Top 10 Womens Days 2018 Videos From India Celebrating Nari Shakti In Their Own Way


Every year International Women’s Day ( 8th March) celebrates the power and achievements of women globally. Innovative ads promoting services for women or products flood all media, making March a special month for women.

For the past few years, local and multi-national companies have joined the bandwagon in giving their best and have created amazing videos. This year 8th March 2018,  #WomensDay was top trending on twitter for over 40 hours.

We took the effort in finding you the top 10 Indian videos. Enjoy!

No 10. – Uncelebrate Womens Day by PC Jewellers

This powerful three minutes video by PC Jewellers calls for Uncelebrating Womens Day and instead making it about everyday. It asks some tough questions on the place and role of women in the tradition old Indian mindset from kanya daan to mukhagni. Its call to boycott the Women’s day Celebration until the world is free of gender bias however is a bit of stretch since the whole purpose of celebrating this day is to make this world an equal place for both genders.  A bold initiative nevertheless!


No 9 – #ForEveryHer by Flipkart

In this short 30 second video by India’s largest homegrown e-commerce company Flipkart questions a lot of Whys that are thrown at women in India every day from why going out to why making your own decision. Simple yet Strong!


No 8 – Ruk Jana Nahin by Ixigo

Travel company ixigo shares some very honest and brutal reactions of families when their women want to travel. It shares that 8 out of 10 women need approval to travel. There is undoubtedly a bias in Indian families when it comes to travel for a girl vs a boy, some of it comes from the parental concerns about the safety. A load message that it’s only when more women are outside, outside will be safer place for women.  


No 7 – #InvestForProgess With Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton in its beautiful one minute video features a father asking his daughter to settle down after she gets her first paycheck. He asks her to come home early as some people coming to meet with her. She on the other hand wants to travel the world and live her life before settling down. A beautiful surprise follows up that speaks about Nayi Soch while promoting making investment for progress. 


No 6 – Every Women’s Day Video Ever | BLUSH

A bold piece by Blush showcasing the process of making a typical Womens Day video. From choosing an office or home location,  selecting dark skin, fat or hijabi models to making a hashtag trending on social media, it doesn’t miss any part about the brutal background work that goes in making any other women’s day video. The message doesn’t come very clear  but overall an unconventional and powerful video.


No 5 – Your second home by Prega News

This is the second time Prega News did it so beautifully. Hats off to them and their creative team. Last year on Mothers Day, it launched an incredible video that talks about rights and treatment of pregnant women in office. In this years Womens Day video, it depicts the pain and difficulties of a new mother going back at work. A harsh reality that forces millions of mothers to quit their jobs due to the difficulties in balancing work, home and baby. The video speaks about how one in five women in India suffers from postpartum depression and gives a beautiful message calling everyone to make new moms at work feel at home. 


No 4 – #BruisesCanBeGood by Reebok India

Sportswear brands like Nike, Reebok or Adidas are famous for their creativity when it comes to building ads and Reebok India displayed their sheer talent in this three minutes masterpiece. The feature invites people to see a girl with bruises all over her body and shows their reaction to it. The reaction reflects an honest and cruel reality about our society. 


No 3 – Paro | Follow Your Dreams | HP

A short but beautiful recap of Amir’s Khan Taare Zameen Par by computer giant HP follows a small girl’s struggle with mathematics but her immense love for colours. Her teacher recognises her probable dyslexic tendencies but the special talent that she celebrates in front of entire class and family. A bit hatke from other womensday videos and gives a beautiful message about letting every child hold on their dreams.


No 2 – Miss Mary – A Women’s Day Prose

It’s made to give you goosebumps. This is also what you expect from AIB. A very simple, short yet incredibly powerful video captures the horrible journey in Miss Mary prose that unfortunately some women have to face from their birth to death in our country. A brutal and bitter reality that puts all of us in shame but something that everyone must know and watch .


No 1 – #BreakThePerception by Ashok Leyland

This one wins all the heart. An amazingly beautiful and inspiring video by the expected winner Ashok Leyland, India’s second largest trucking company. The video talks about breaking the perception of working in tough jobs usually perceived by men. It invites 5 little girls to its manufacturing plant and asks them who works here? The reality awe inspires them and us all.


Overall, a great effort and mind blowing creativity by the companies in India to celebrate Nari shakti and projecting the changing face of Indian Women. How did you like it? We would love to hear your comments on this collection. Please share and comment below.

Happy Womens Day by – Break Stigma Not Happiness!


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