5 reasons why you should have a second child

Raising children is not an easy task. As a first-time new mother, you may have been overwhelmed by the challenges of caring for a baby on very little sleep. When meeting the basic needs of food and sleep is so hard with a new baby, do you really want to have another child? The answer is: yes.

Assuming that you have the financial stability to comfortably raise two children, you should go ahead and give your toddler a brother or a sister. It is tough–you may have just settled into an easy routine with your toddler. Having another baby means going through all the hardships again. But when you see your children hugging, kissing, playing together, and sharing their ups and downs, you will realize that it is all worth it.

Here are 5 compelling reasons why you should have another baby:

  1. Sharing

Your toddler will eventually learn to share her toys with her new brother or sister. She will know how to divide any goodies that you bring for them equally amongst the two of them. Your children may also master the art of negotiating and trading one toy or book for the other. These skills are valuable when they start going to school and interacting with other children.

  1. Companionship

Your children will never be wanting in company because they will always have each other. You will find them playing together, going on outings together, celebrating, or even consoling each other. They will fight quite often, but they will remain each other’s bff. They may even be protective of each other when both start school.

  1. Problem solving

Your children will fight frequently and you will be called in to act as referee time and again. The house will be filled with the shrieks and howls of an angry child or the other. But they will learn to work through their problems instead of leaving them unresolved. This is another important skill that will come handy when engaging with other children in school.

  1. Selflessness

Children are self-centered by nature. You need to teach them to put others’ needs before theirs. With two children, the older child learns to be selfless because she feels protective of her little sibling and wants to care for her. Young children feel big and important when they are given some responsibility.

  1. Teaching and learning

Depending on the age gap between your two children, the older child can teach the younger one many things. Before the younger child goes to school, he or she will have learnt some vital communication and interpersonal skills.


It is your personal decision to have or not to have a second baby. To raise happy, well-adjusted children, you should be happy too!


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