5 ways to enhance your child’s creativity

Have you noticed how your baby observes every object she encounters by feeling it with her fingers and eventually putting it in her mouth? All babies are born scientists–and this is their way of experiencing the world. You will see many more instances of your baby’s creativity as she grows into a toddler. Do not put a damper on her creativity by trying to manage her activities or restricting her too much. Allow her to create a mess once in a while–and join her in some activities so she knows that you’re also interested. You will be surprised to see what fanciful things your child comes up with!


Here are 5 ways in which you can enhance your child’s creativity:


  1. Demarcate a “creative” space.


Chalk out a space in your home where your child can do as she pleases. This could be drawing or writing on the wall, playing with blocks, keeping her collection of knick-knacks, and so on. Having her own space will give her a sense of power and will fuel her creative urges.


  1. Do not over-schedule her day.


Allowing a child to play on her own boosts creativity. Do not hover around your child when she is playing. Don’t try to account for every minute of her day by enrolling her in various classes. If you see that she enjoys drawing or music, you can enroll her in a class. But do not push her to attend many classes in the hope of developing a “genius.” Set your child free to explore the world on her own or simply sit by the window, “doing nothing.”


  1. Engage her senses.


Let your child indulge in activities like finger painting, clay modelling, or making hand prints that engage all of her senses and promote better eye-hand coordination. Some children even love to work alongside classical music. Even something as simple as running one’s finger through a pasty mixture can further the development of your child’s brain.


  1. Play “imagine” games.


Ask your child to imagine that she’s a snake and tell her to move like one. The entire house is your landscape and your child has to navigate her way through the furniture and other objects creeping and crawling like a snake. This activity encourages your child to solve problems on her own and fires her imagination.


  1. Conduct dramatic acts.


Acting or playing make-believe is a wonderful way to enhance your child’s creativity. You need not have a script beforehand and your child can improvise as the story progresses. You can even enact one of her favorite stories or poems. By observing how your child weaves a storyline, you can see how her experiences are shaping her personality. Allow her to dress up in your old clothes and watch the fun enfold!

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