Best Marriage Counsellors In & Around Delhi

Having a hard time dealing with your spouse? Is your marriage feeling like it’s too much work? Do you feel like you’re on the verge of a divorce? Think again.  Maybe you should go to a marriage counsellor in case you haven’t already consulted one. You definitely won’t be alone. There are several couples who have had near-failure marriages, but with counselling, they saved their marriage. If you haven’t yet, we have a list with some of the best counsellors in and around Delhi, handpicked carefully. If you are already seeing someone but aren’t satisfied with them, be sure to refer to this list- you won’t be disappointed.


1. Dr. Kamal Khurana  

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Dr Kamal Khurana is a well established Psychologist and Counsellor in Delhi who provides tailor made strategies to different issues between the couples. He uses a perfect combination of many schools of psychotherapy, counselling and guidance to help the couple resolve and evolve.He works not only with Married couples’, but also works with people with Anxiety, Depression and other problems. Other than his Delhi Chambers, he is also open to working in various locations, even Internationally. Dr Kamal has received several positive reviews in various websites, and his clients have many good things to say about his work. One of his clients have spoken about Kamal’s deep understanding of the human behaviour, and how it  helped him solve his problems. His couples’ counselling Clientele have nice things to say as well, and they have written about how he gave them a positive outlook to their marriage.


Experience: 16+ years

Position: Founder and Researcher; The Counselling Institute(TCI)

Clinic: Purple Alley,  B-8/19, FLOOR, 15, 110089, Bindapur Matiala Rd, Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi, 110078


-M.S. in Psychotherapy and Counselling

-Masters of Science in Psychology

-Masters in Science in Counselling and Psychotherapy

-Masters in Philosophy ( Psychology )

-Certificate in Guidance

-Doctorate in Philosophy in Psychotherapy and Counselling

Awards and Achievements:

Awarded Diplomate Certificate from Academy for Psychotherapists, Psychopathalogists & Psychometricians which is Charter Member of University of Beverly Hills, LA, (USA)

Special Training:

He has received special training under valued supervision and guidance from Dr. Sujatha Sudheendra who is known in the world of Psychology for more than a decade.

Educational Services:

He has been training many mental health professionals from couple of years as the branch head and faculty for Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Mumbai.


Phone call: Rs 1800/hour      Video call: Rs 2400/hour


2. Shivani Misri Sadhoo

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She is a well known counselling psychologist who has specialised training and experience in the field of marital problems, relationship difficulties, child and adolescent issues, stress & anxiety. She is well-experienced in handling various problems, and is a consulting psychologist for several prestigious hospitals. Shivani Misri is also working for a leading NGO, which is a crisis intervention centre for depressed and distressed people. Her clients have praised her calm, patient and warm style of working combined with her right timings for interventions.

Experience: 18 years


Counselling Psychologist Express Clinics

-Counselling Psychologist at Saarthi Counselling Services

-Consulting Psychologist with Fortis Hospital,

 -Consulting Psychologist with IBS (Indian Brain & Spine)Hospital

Clinic: Express Clinic, E-228, Basement, East of Kailash,  East of Kailash

Qualifications: Post Graduation in Counselling Psychology, Delhi University,2000

Special Training: Regularly attends training workshops on marital counselling, Relationship Counselling CBT and Counselling Skills from VIMHANS and various other reputed hospitals


Clinic: Rs 2000     Online: Rs 500


3. Dr. Gitanjali Sharma

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Dr Gitanjali Sharma is a renowned life coach, counsellor, motivational speaker, dynamic and mystic presenter. She is involved in not only marriage counselling, but also into spiritual psychology. Positive Psychology with Spirituality is combined by her, giving a mystical approach to counselling. She is also well trained in Gemology, and she is a Diamond Grader. She as a different approach to counselling, hence her talks and sessions are very interesting. Her clinic offers various services like Child and teenage Counselling, de-addiction, Gem Healing, Chakra Kriya, Spiritual Counselling, Meditation and of course, marriage counselling.

Experience: 15+ years as a spiritual preacher, author and counsellor in multiple capacities

Position: Counselling Psychologist- DGS Clinic(Dr Gitanjali Sharma Solutions)

Clinic: DGS Solutions- B-7, Sushant Lok, First floor, DLF Galleria Rd, Service Lane, Gurgaon: 122001, Haryana, India

Qualification: Her expertise lies in the field of:

-M.Sc and Psychology (Postgraduate in Counselling & Guidance)


-Gemology and Diamond Grading

Awards and Achievements:

Spoken in several TV shows and channels like CNBC, BBC News, NDTV, ZEE TV, etc

Written in or quoted in several newspapers and magazines like The Hindu, Readers’ Digest, The Times of India, Femina, Deccan Chronicle, etc

Special Training:

-Clinical Hypnotherapy

-Spiritual psychology

-NLP Trainer

-Gemology and Diamond Grading

Educational Services:

-Trained and conducted workshops for Indian Armed Forces, Indian Airforce and many more.

-She trains people in fields like Relationship management,  Anger management, Communication Skills and Parenting.

-Also trains Psychologists spiritually.

-Promotes Spirituality in the workplace by conducting holistic workshops.


4. Dr. Nisha Khanna

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Dr Nisha Khanna is a well established psychologist, and has several feathers in her hat. She is not only a marriage counsellor, but also treats people with mood disorders, OCD, anger problems and eating disorders among many more. In addition to psychology, she is also interested in astrology and yoga and meditation, and holds certificates in the same. With some extremely high profile and elite clientele, it is quite evident that her services are more than just satisfactory. She is sure to give you some of the best quality counselling out there.

Experience: 16+ years

-2002-2007: Psychologist at a Women’s Helpline

-2007-2016- Psychologist at Bye Tense Clinic

Position: Counselling Psychologist at Bye Tense Clinic

Clinic: Bye Tense Clinic, 8/13, First Floor, Sarvapriya Vihar

Landmark: Opposite Hauz Khas Metro Station, Delhi



-M.A. Psychology, 2002

-PhD Psychology, Punjab, 2011

Awards and Achievements:

-Certified Accredited Prepare Enrich India Facilitator – 2016

-EQ Assessor Certification – 2016

-EQ Profiler Certification – 2016

-EQ Fellow Certification – 2016

-FDP on Universal Humans Values and Professional Ethics (Level-I) – 2018


-Delh­i Ps­y­ch­iatric S­ociety­ (DPS­) N­­ew­ Delh­i.

-Ind­ia­n A­s­s­ocia­tion of Fa­m­­il­y­ Th­er­a­py­ (IA­FT) Ind­ia­.

-In­dian­ C­oun­c­il­ of As­trol­ogic­al­ S­c­ie­n­c­e­s­ (IC­AS­) C­h­e­n­n­ai.

-Head­i­ngt­on I­nst­i­t­ut­e’s CARD­ D­i­rect­ory (Counsell­ors Assi­st­i­ng Rel­i­ef and­ D­evel­opm­­ent­) Cal­i­forni­a

Special Training:

-Tw­o y­ea­rs  D­ipl­om­a­ in ­ A­st­rol­og­y­

-P­os­t G­raduate­ Dip­loma in­­ Y­og­a an­­d Me­ditation­­.

-She is trained from NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science) Bangalore.

-Par­tic­ipated an­d  atte­n­de­d diffe­r­e­n­t se­m­in­ar­s  an­d tr­ain­in­g pr­ogr­am­m­e­s of Wor­ld  C­ou­n­c­il for­ Psy­c­h­oth­e­r­apy­ (Asian­ C­h­apte­r­), Y­oga and Psy­c­hoth­e­r­apy­ Assoc­iation­ of In­dia

-Tr­an­sfor­m­ativ­e­ Fam­ily­ Th­e­r­apy­ by­ Dr­. R­h­e­a V­. Alm­e­ida

-Ge­n­de­r­ Issu­e­s in­ In­dian­ Fam­ily­ by­ In­dian­ Assoc­iation­ of Fam­ily­ Th­e­r­apy­

-Tr­ain­in­g  Pr­ogr­am­m­e­  for­ Ope­r­ator­s/ C­ou­n­se­lor­s  of Swadh­ar Pr­oj­e­c­t spon­sor­e­d by­ C­e­n­tr­al Soc­ial We­lfar­e­ Boar­d

-M­in­d Powe­r­ by­ Dr­. Sn­e­h­ De­sai Law of Attraction and Heal Your Life based on the philosophy of Louise Hey etc.

-She is Certified Accredited Prepare-Enrich India Facilitator (building healthy relationships and stronger marriages) and is authorized and competent to use Couple Assessments.

Educational Services:

-Delivered a TedX talk on the topic Stress to Happiness

-Emotional Quotient Coach


Clinic: Rs 3000        Text/Phone/Video call: Rs 5000


5. Anubha Verma

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One of the most experienced psychologists in India, Anubha Verma is a counsellor working with families, students, NGO’s and people with various mental disorders. She has been trained internationally, and has a vast knowledge on how to deal with various clients. Her clients’ reviews for her enumerate how her experience truly helps/helped them in dealing with their issues. In addition to english and hindi, she can speak punjabi as well. Her reviews also mention how friendly she is and has a great rapport with her clients.

Experience: 22 years

Worked with an NGO for blinds helping individuals, couples and families to cope with psychological problems.

Position: Counselling Psychologist

Clinic: Pankaj Plaza, Sector-4, Delhi



-BA(hons) Psychology, Delhi University(1991)

-Masters’ in Psychology, Delhi University(1993)

-Diploma in Guidance and Counselling(1998)


Member Indian Psychologists Association, Association of Counsellors and allied Professionals

Special Training:

-Trained under some of the best counsellors from India, U.S and U.K.

-Holds a Certificate of Master trainer in Life-Skills by The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Educational Services:

-A speaker in conferences and media in various topics like healthy relationships, career guidance, parenting skills, dealing with stress and emotions, life-skill development as well as adolescent issues.

-Works with schools to provide counselling and guidance to students

Fees: Rs 2000


6. Dr. Priyanka Srivastava

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Friendly, patient, insightful and calm- these are the words used to describe Dr Priyanka in all her reviews. She is a well qualified counsellor who does not only marriage and relationship counselling, but also works with dyslexic children, adolescents and in career guidance. Dr. Priyanka Srivastava is extremely versatile and is good at all the services she provide.And in addition to counselling, she also conducts tests for career aptitude, IQ, EQ, etc. She uses her vast experience to help her patients and they have positive feedback about her style of counselling.

Experience: 20+ years

Psychologist cum Counselor at Divine Heart Hospital


-Founder and Counsellor- Mind Mappers

-Psychologist at Manav Rachna International University in Surajkund, Faridabad

Clinic: B-100,Sector-52,Noida



-B.A.(H)Psychology – University of Delhi – 1991

-M.A. Psychology – University of Delhi – 1993

-Ph. D – Psychology – Delhi University – 1997

Awards and Achievements:

-Works for Fore School of Management, IIM Ahmedabad

-Member of Indian association for Positive Psychology

Special Training:

Trained psychometrician

Educational Services:

-Adolescent and Guiding counsellor

-Provides psychology coaching


Clinic: Rs 1500    Online: Rs 300


7. Dr. Vikas Khanna

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Dr Vikas Khanna is a counselling psychologist- but he is not just that. He is trained in hypnosis, and his clinic also offers it, along with past life regression, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Phobias, Marital Counselling, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Graphology, etc. His clients have greatly appreciated his politeness and his talent for explaining their condition in a proper manner. His methods of approaching a problem is simple, and he is known to not load patients up with tablets, unlike many doctors in recent times.

Experience: 16+ years

-2004 – 2005 Consulting Counsellor and Hypnotist at Healing Hands

-2004 – 2015 Director at Orangepines Foundation Dr Vikas Counseling and Hypnotherapy Clinic

-2011 – 2015 Corporate Trainer at Fun 2 Fitness

-2012 – 2015 Consultant at Health and Harmony

-2016 – 2016 Online Counselor at Your Dost


-Counselling Psychologist and Hypnotizer: Orange Pines Counselling and Hypnosis Centre

-Counselling Psychologist and Hypnotizer(on call): Dr Gulati’s Clinic


-Delhi: Dr. Vikas Khanna’s Counseling & Hypnosis Clinic

A-2/17, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

-Gurgaon: Dr. Vikas Khanna’s Counseling & Hypnosis Clinic

Vipul Agora Mall 215, MG Road, Gurgaon

-(Cafe / Home Counseling also available on request)



-BDS – M S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore, 2000

-Diploma in Hypnotherapy (DHT) – American Alliance Of Hypnotist, 2012

-Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming – ANULP University, 2011

Awards and Achievements:

Member of Delhi Medical Association(DMA)

Special Training:

-Certification course in Genes and Human Condition

-Certification in Psychology at work

Educational Services:

-NLP Trainer

-Life Skills Trainer

-Family Wellness Coach


Clinic: Rs 1500    Call: Rs 2000


8. Dr. Sunil Mittal


The most experienced doctor in the list with nearly 40 years experience, Dr Sunil Mittal has dealt with a vast array of cases. He is a psychiatrist who does just about any type of counselling and provides treatment to an array of mental illnesses and disorders. His clients have said that he is truly the best as he has solved many cases that other doctors have not been able to solve. He provides comprehensive treatment, studying the effects of the body on the mind and vice versa. Dr. Sunil Mittal has been presented with several awards from the Government, and has sat as a chair in several prestigious conferences and seminars. He has been a founding member of several psychology organizations, and has worked with various task forces, social and philanthropic organizations.

Experience: 39 years

-1987 – 2014 Sr Psychiatrist at Cosmos Institute of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences

-1985 – 1987 Sr Resident at Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi

-1983 – 1984 Sr Resident at PGIMER, Chandigarh

-1981 – 1983 Psychiatric Resident at PGIMER, Chandigarh

-1980 – 1981 Psychiatric Resident at GB Pant Hospital

Position: Consultant Psychiatrist, Counsellor


-CIMBS Psychiatry Centre- 35, Defence Enclave, Vikas Marg, Landmark: Near Preet Vihar Metro Station, Opposite Metro Pillars 88-89 & Preet Vihar Petrol Pump, Delhi

-CIMBS ADIVA(Green Park)- C 1/C, Green Park Extension (Landmark: Green Park Metro Station), Landmark: Green Park Metro Station, Delhi



-MBBS – G B Pant Hospital / Moulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, 1979


Awards and Achievements:

-President, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry – 2006

-President, Indian Association of Private Psychiatry – 2007

-President, Delhi Psychiatric Society

-Educational Services:

-Leading a team of highly specialized and skilled psychiatrists and psychologists at CIMBS

-Delivered several lectures, and written and quoted in several articles in the media

-Conducts workshops for mental health professionals


CIMBS Psychiatry- Rs 2000     CIMBS ADIVA- Rs 3000


9. Dr. Prerna Kohli

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Having won a National Award for her work, Dr Prerna Kohli is a psychologist who aims at a holistic approach to counselling, and her aim of treating a patient is to enable them to help them resume their normal life as soon as possible. She integrates spirituality, yoga and meditation in her therapy and believes that client-centered therapy works best for therapy. Instead of digging heavily into her client’s past, she focuses on the effects of integrating the past and present of her client, and enabling them to take responsibility for their own life, by making them understand that they can control their behaviour. Her clients as well as people who have attended her workshops have positive feedback about her work as well as her presentations made in workshops. Her clients have praised her as having a great deal of patience and understanding, helping them solve their problems in an integrational manner.

Experience: 24+ years

1993 – 2015 Director at Private Practice

2000 – 2015 Consultant Advisor at Global Wellness Company

Position: Clinical Psychologist

Clinic: Dr Prerna Kohli’s Clinic, NR-36, Nathupur Road, Gurgaon



-BA – Psychology – Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 1986

-MA – Clinical Psychology – Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 1988

-M.Phil – Clinical Psychology – Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 1990

-PhD – Psychology – Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 1992

Awards and Achievements:

100 Women Achievers Award Presented By The Hon. President Of India – 2016


-Head for CII Committee on Core Issues of Women

-Member of Censor Board – Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (GOI)

-Mind Trainer- Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council (CII / NSDC /Ministry of Skill Development, GOI)

-Founder Member of Vishakha Committee against Sexual Harassment of Women

-Member of Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) in Press Information Bureau (PIB)

-Member of Working Group of the Ministry of Woman and Child Development regarding to issues of under nutrition

-Association of Clinical Psychologists of India

Educational Services:

-Teaching Life Skills to Tihar Jail Inmates

-Conducts workshops and delivers lectures that focus on life balance, self-awareness, and inner peace.

Fees: Rs 5000 at clinic



If you don’t live in Delhi, but need a counsellor, or if you need a good online service, do reach out to for a great counselling session at a good price. Our website offers online and phone counselling all over the world, and it is at your convenience as you can avail our services at any time and any place. You do not have the need to go to a clinic. We also have some extremely experienced counsellors at your service. Here is a description of each of our marriage counsellors:

Thumb jean pic 2018

Jean George

17 years experience as Counselling Psychologist

A professional mental health counselor who holds an M. Phil Degree in Psychiatric Social Work, Her 17+ years of experience has honed her expertise in areas of mental health, interpersonal relationships, marriage, parenting and sexuality. Her passion is to facilitate restoration and wholeness to those hurting through individual, marital, family and child counseling. She believes in enhancing the mental health and effectiveness of people through counseling and training by empowering them to utilize their own resources to solve problems and live purposeful lives.

 Thumb dr. joseph george new

Dr. Joseph

25 years experience as Counselling Psychologist

Dr. Joseph is a Professional Counsellor & Trainer with 25+ years of experience. He holds a PhD in Psychology and Pastoral Counselling from the Emory University, Atlanta, USA. He also had his advanced level clinical training at the same University. Dr. George focuses to help the clients in their attempt to understand their issues and struggles that would help them to achieve a sense of well being and purpose and direction in life

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8 years experience as Counselling Psychologist

Rebecca has a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Montfort College and is a certified and trained marriage and family therapist. She has over 8 years of experience working with families, couples and adolescents. Rebecca is passionate about helping families find fulfillment and joy in each moment and also find better ways to communicate, interact and facilitate growth in each other.


 Individual Counselling- Rs. 1000    Couple Counselling Rs. 1500 
 You get the following services for your subscription- 

-1 week of messaging

-1 hour phone/video session

-Dedicated Marriage & Relationship Counselor

-Send unlimited messages anytime

-Your counselor replies 2 times per day except weekend

-In-depth therapy with exercises

-24*7 chat support


Marriage counselors provide hope for relationship betterment among several couples. Stigma revolving around marriage counselling is gradually reducing and marriage counsellors have saved several relationships from breaking. Marriage counsellors simply facilitate the solving of problems that are mostly preventable- but top the list for divorce. Hence, it is always better to see a counsellor first before considering a divorce.


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