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Fallen out of love with husband after catching him sexting repeatedly

Asked by Female, 24, Married
Its been almost 2 years since we got married, but things were not going well since day 1. We were in a courtship period of about 5 years and then got married by our mutual decision and with our parents support. There was no pressure for marriage from both the side but don't know then why things went wrong. I got to know about him sexting other girls during our courtship period but i forgive him and we started again. But unfortunately i was wrong. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I again read some of his messages, sexting a girl just a few days after our marriage. I didn't knew how to react this time but again as usual this guy convinced me and i trusted him again as a fool. Now the situation is that we live together under a roof but we rarely talk. A simple talk between us is easily changed into arguments and fights. We even sleep in different rooms since last 6-7 months. I don't know how to handle all this and i know it is difficult for him also for bearing me for no reason. There is just no love left in between us. I love this person a lot despite of all he has done to me but i cant even live with him like this. I tried to take away my life because i couldn't find any way. I cannot even involve our parents in all this because i don't want to embarrass him in front of my parents as well as his parents. They all love him a lot. Now i m in a situation that i cannot even live with him nor i can leave him. I cannot even discuss this with anyone because we two had a love marriage and then all who is going to be blamed is only me. Me because of my choice !! I wish i could go back in the time and change all this. I wish we were just friends. I wish we never got married !! Life would be a lot easier then for both of us.
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hi, I can understand what you are going through and feel really sad for you. I appreciate your courage to come forward for help. You need to take a strong decision first, you can't go back and change your life. Decide whether you want him and love him truly or no. once you decide you will have to sit with him and sort out things.

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