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Husband addicted to watching movies. No time for me

Asked by Female, 29, Married
Mine was a love marriage that happened 1.7 years back and now I have a 4-month-old baby. My husband loves me but he is addicted to watching movies online. So every time he is home he is either sleeping or watching you-tube videos. He loves me but doesn't respect my presence in his life whenever we are together.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. I understand that you feel ignored and unimportant right now. If you could clarify some of my questions I could get a better grip on your situation. How long have you noticed this habit in your husband? Does it seem to coincide with your pregnancy or delivery? Is there anything else that your husband does that has contributed to your feeling unwanted. You have also mentioned that he sleeps a lot as well. Does he seem to tired to interact because of his work? Have you tried communicating your feelings? Whenever you both interact, what are your conversations like? Does he listen when you tell him about your day or about your baby's new antics?
Either ways, I think your husband's routine after work is probably his way of trying to relax, For some people this manner of disconnecting helps them destress. Unfortunately, one's way of destressing can sometimes make the people we love fell neglected.

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