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Husband came to know about my past relationships and is very angry. Things are very bad for the past 2 months

Asked by Female, 20, Married
I hid about my past relationships to my husband despite he asking me many times. Now as he knows everything in depth of it. Things have turned upside down. We are together now but he is deeply hurt. He brings the issue every now and then. Talks same things asks same questions and his anger is at peak. I really used to be his princess. But now he compares me with others all the time. Always angry on me for small things even. How shall I calm him? He thinks that whatever I say is lie only. It's been two months we r like this. P.s sorry for hiding my identity
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear writer, thank you for writing in. This is a safe space and you are completely entitled to your privacy and anonymity. I understand you are worried about your husband's reactions to your past. To get a better grip on your situation can you tell me how long have you both been together? These relationships from the past, were they before your marriage and was there a particular reason you wanted to share your past with him? Why do you think this has this upset him so much and lose trust in you? I understand there has been a complete change in his behavior towards you and it hurts you. Clarifying these questions will put me in a better position to help you. Please do message back to continue our discussion. Regards.

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