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Husband doesn't give me importance

Asked by Female, 32, Married
My husband is over protective of his mother and sisters and makes them interfere in all our personal matters and even make them sleep in our bedroom. He doesn't care for my happiness.
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Dr. Joseph
Counseling Psychologist

Hello Writer,

Thanks for contacting the Askmile team Seeking help with regard to your marital issues. It appears you are very frustrated with what is happening in your marriage.You came to the marriage with a lot of expectations, particularly experiencing support and care from the husband. However, what you experience is that he gives a lot of attention to his mother and sisters while you feel neglected and marginalized. This is causing a lot of anxiety and pain in you.

You found your having a lot of affection for his mother and sisters. What about his father? How many sisters? He gives a lot of attention and support to them. Are they financially dependent on him? Is he the sole breadwinner of the family? Who are the other members?

Taking care of his mother and sisters is not your primary issue. Right? You experience that he is not showing the same level of affection and attention to you and your daughter. Is that true? You feel neglected by your husband and that you feel that your daughter not getting enough attention from the father. Please clarify this point.

In order to help you better with your marriage I need some more information from your side. Kindly give me a brief description of your family. Also provide more information on the following questions.

How long are you married?
Are you employed? What is the level of your education?
Is your husband in a stressful job?
Do you think your husband neglects you and your kid while giving attention to his family?
Does your family know about your issues?
What kind of support you get from them?
And any other relevant information helpful for your counsellor.

I am here to help you. Write back with more details so that I can provide you a comprehensive response to your situation.

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