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Husband very short tempered, rude and dominating. Blame me for everything. I feel shattered

Asked by Female, 29, Married
I am married for 4.5 years with a 6 month old daughter. My hubby is very short tempered and rude. He is not like this always. We have shared very special and loving moments as well but he is very dominating in nature. Whenever I put my opinion he either rejects it rightaway or ignores it. The worst part is his temper. He try to show my fault all the time. He is aggressive too. I use silent treatment to make him realize his mistake, but it goes opposite, he gives me much more silent treatment and ignore me for longer time. He never apologizes but blames me for his harsh and rude behavior. Many times we have had extreme fights but then also we have stayed together because my ignorance.
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Arunita Biswas
Clinical Psychologist

Dear User3585, As I understand, you're a new mother with added responsibility and stress. I would want you to talk at length about your marriage prior to your delivery. It would also seem that the two of you have had problems communicating with each other. In order to help you, I will need to know more about you and your husband, as individuals. Warm regards. Arunita Biswas

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