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I feel unloved by my husband. He does not praise me, losing my self-esteem.

Asked by Female, 25, Married
I'm a bit confused in my marriage. We don't have a problem but there are things I don't like and it bothers me. I have confronted with my partner but it still keeps bothering me. The way he talks to me (non polite abusive sometimes) there's no sweetness which makes me wonder if he at all loves me. He does not appreciate my outer beauty which brings my self esteem down, picking up everything on me. He has an explanation to everything and its difficult for me to resonate and it disturbs me. But things like these make me feel less loved. This was not the case an year back.. maybe because we weren't living together so it's a problem now and wasn't then. He who talks about transparency is the same who deletes his chat with his female friends. There are more small things that have piled up and has started to bother me. Needed to vent out and hear out what's the solution. Is it my head? Or what? He values me I know but that's not enough. Something's disturbing me!
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Counseling Psychologist

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sure it isn't easy to have an unsettling feeling and not know exactly what it is. How long have you been married for? And how long have you been feeling this way?

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