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My husband is obsessed with his widowed sister. Seperated from me and our son due to MIL's interference

Asked by Female, 42, Married
My husband is obssessed with his well-settled sister who is widow, who is staying with his parents and younger brother who is also married all of whom are well settled financially and socially. He consistently refuses to set up home with me and our son and leave us at my mother's house. My mother-in-law also supports him and does not allow him to spend time with me.
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


i can understand that it must be really difficult for you to go through this phase of your life, where in you need your life partner to be there mentally and support you with all aspects of your and your sons life and his absence making you feel angry, frustrated and lonely and another he is refusing to do so again and again.

key here would be to understand why he is doing what he is? i know it sounds difficult for you to keep all your emotions and issuse's with him aside and with neutral mind just attempt to understand him and his reasons for doing so.

But if you can make him feel safe and without reactions listen to his side of story, i am sure then we can work towards solution, also often children are ignored when parents are going through some issuses, do keep that in mind and take care of your child

if you think you cannot alone do it, please consider taking therapy together, so in safe environment you can work out all your issuse's

we do provide online counselling so do write back if you considering online therapy.

Hope this helps

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