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Unable to quit smoking despite heart problems

Asked by Male, 20, Single
I am business man I don't want to quit but my heart says one more time I am smoking so much in frustration.
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Chandni Gandhi
Counselling Psychologist


You coming here is the first step taken towards quitting smoking and shows the fact that you understand that it is required.

what we need is plan for the same

1) Write down all your reasons of why you need to do quit smoking, for some it is family members, for some health conditions, for some saving money, etc whatever it is just make a list of reasons for why you would want to do that

2) Figure out all your triggers, everyone has triggers which somehow increases craving to smoke, like having alcohol, feeling bored or stressed, looking at someone else smoke, some particular time in day, eg: after having lunch, or after sex etc.

3) once you figure these two things you will gain enough motivation from your reasons and avoid all these triggers to lower down possibility of smoking

4) constantly fight your cravings, cravings are for short time but are difficult to fight with, figure out creative ways to deal with these like if it is necessary for you to keep your hands busy, instead of turning towards getting smoke, play with coin, if you smoke because you need to be occupied all the time, make list of things which will do that for you like daily chores, mailing, calling up friends etc instead of turning towards smoking

5) discard all the remainders of smoke, like your clothes which may smell like smoke, smell from your car, etc clear everything

6) have mindset of failure, like learning any new thing, this may also fail which does not mean that one should give up

7) talk to friends or relative or even best psychologist when you are about to give up because of your trigger and get motivated to for that while

Hope this helps, write back to us for any further queries

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