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Very selfish and abusive husband torture me and my children. Can't able to adjust any more!

Asked by Female, 38, Married
I have been married for 19 years and I have 3 kids. I got married at the age of 20, I have an extremely selfish and abusive husband, my children are also suffering now. I have never received any care, help or love, not even a hug from husband, yes it is true that we have 3 children but that is also according to his interest. I do not know what is love even after 18 years, he never cares even if we are so sick. Now his abusive nature hurts me a lot, I feel like I am a worm, fit for use and throw. I have lost all relationship with others because he never goes or interacts with any families, for that also he blames me. I am really tired, I do not want to live with him, but I have kids. My family is not here and I do not have any support, I know that he will not change because right from day one of our marriage I am suffering, but my mother always used to tell to adjust. Now I have lost my interests and I am helpless.
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Dr. Joseph
Counseling Psychologist

Thank you for reaching out to the askmile team with your struggles and concerns. I know you are going through a lot of rejection and pain for the last 19 years. When you say, I do not know what is love, I know what you mean. You suffer alone without any help from his family or your family. You might have continued in this troubled marriage because your mother constantly told you to adjust. You say that even your kids are deeply affected by his negative behaivor. At times you thought about separation but did not act on it as you found no support. You need to consult a professional counsellor before taking any major decisions. Kindly give me a few more information so that I can suggest specific directions.

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