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Want to pursue hobbies seriously but afraid of mother-in-law's disapproval

Asked by Female, 35, Married
I am a married lady, mother of a 2 year old child and a very stressed daughter in law. I have been married for last 8 years and my mother in law lives with us. From the beginning she has always tried to take control of everything of house matters and also showed over protection about her son. I am very soft natured and have almost adjusted to this fact that I won't get the freedom to live the way I want with my husband till she is around. But by sacrificing my desires and always giving my duties towards everyone priority I feel I have lost respect in front of everyone's eyes. I never cared to pursue career seriously and now when I want to pursue my hobbies seriously I am not able to do that too fearing I will do something wrong or I will not be enough on the household chores which will make my husband and mother in law angry. Please advice me how to focus on my hobbies in this situation?
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Hi Rupa, first of all i would like to appreciate you for taking decision for yourself and listening to your inner feelings and something more to appreciate you is that, you've come forward to seek help, I can feel that you wanted to be empowered and fulfill your desires.
Thank you for posting me a good and valuable question. It's my pleasure to help you.
Yes i understand your feelings and what your going through. It is seen that it's bothering you very much you dont have to be scared by assuming things and worst situations what might happen? assuming things may add on more stress to your life and you will have all negative thoughts running in your mind. Not to worry so much or be stressed out thinking of this problem we can work on this. But before that, i would like to know little about you and your family since family members also included in the picture, if you don't mind can you tell me; how many of you stay at home?what's your qualification? What are your hobbies/desires? When did you give up on your hobbies and desires?
The complete information which you provide me, will be helpful for me to help you.
Awaiting for your reply
Have a great day ☺

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