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Facing challenges in marriage due to no financial support from husband.

Asked by Female, 30, Married
I am married from last 3 years and have a 2.5 years old kid. When i got married my husband was facing challenge in his job and he was jobless after 5 months. I have been taking care of my expenses from day one even i have taken care of my expenses in pregnancy and in delivery and after deliver of myself kid & his family. He has his parents and on brother, both father and brother are jobless. I had to rejoin my office immediate after 3 months i was taking care of home my kid and my office. and I didn't get any support from him. Today from last 8 months he is working but not giving anything to me infect i am still shelling out money for myself my baby and giving it at home as well. His brother is a hard core drinker, the language used at his house is also not good. Even I am facing issue with my husband. He has a male ego, he is a male chauvinist, and when i try speaking to him he shouts and yells at me and doesn't understand anything. I am very disturbed due to the same. Please help
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you for writing in. It takes courage and strength on your part to have taken this step. I understand you feel unsupported your husband since you have independently been taking care of your all of your family's​ needs. It can hurt to not receive the kind of help and understanding you hope for from your husband.
It is commendable that you are independent financially but yes it perfectly acceptable to want to be treated and respected as an equal in a marriage and want your husband to contribute as much as you. You have mentioned three problems here in your relationship.
One that you don't get any kind support of from your husband, second, he yells and shouts at you and that means communication problems and third, his family because your brother in law drinks and the language is unacceptable.
Can you tell me which you would like to focus on first and we can explore that here. Also could you tell me more about yourself and your husband as individuals. It will help me understand your situation better and help you accordingly. Please do message back to continue or discussion. Regards

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