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My demanding wife left house with baby and staying at her mom's place, I can't leave my family after father's death!

Asked by Male, 26, Married
I fell in love with a girl in office, our relationship was going through, meanwhile I called her in my sister's engagement for introducing her with my family, my mom met and liked her, asked if she also would like to marry me for which she said yes, we continued and soon we get married. Soon we had a baby, and around after a year of marriage, she said that she does not like my family and she thinks her mom can pamper her and our baby well and left my home saying either to choose to stay with her or my family members. I suggested her that since my dad is no more, I just cannot leave my family as I have to keep you with my responsibilities for my family also, however I am ready to take a home near our existing home where only we 3 stay (me, my wife and our baby), and take another home near to our home (where my family can stay so that I can meet and be with them) however she suggested to take a place near her house so that she can keep our baby with her mother to take care of him, and keep my family members at a distant place. After lot of discussion, she somehow got convinced however she somehow still suggest me her old ideas and says that she has problem if my mother takes care of our baby as she finds that she is not able to do so. My wife is a working lady. Her demands are increasing day by day for which I have started feeling insecure. Please suggest me what should I do in such a situation?
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Ravi, thank you for writing to us. It shows
courage on your part for having reached out to us. I understand you feel distressed and insecure about your situation. However to understand and help you accordingly could you tell me more about yourself and your wife as individuals and about your relationship as well? How are things between the two of you?
Is there a reason for your wife's dislike towards your family? Can you also tell me how they interact with each other?
Please do message back to continue our discussion. We can figure it out together. Regards.

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