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Feeling miserable after cheating on boyfriend

Asked by Female, 18, Single
I cheated on my boyfriend.. I feel miserable.. the cheating texts are circulating ... I din mean to do it...it happened in the spur of moments.. my boyfriend wants to get back.. I lost so many ppl.. wat do I do!? I need a solution.. I hav thoughts of self harm.. the pain is unbearable... mentally.. I need help to get through this situation...
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Harish Bhuvanendran
Life Coach


It takes lot of courage to actually write what you are feeling through and I can see that you are filled with guilt of what happened, and like you said it happened in the spur of moments and it is not necessary to be so hard on yourself. One of the many things that we human beings often forget is to be kind to self and it is okay that you have committed the mistake, but the important thing is that you have the realization of what you did and now that you have to work to make it better.

About getting back with your boy friend, that is completely your choice to go ahead with that decision or not provided see that your boyfriend is not judging you of what you have done, and that he doesn't bring it up every now and thnen and hurt you of what you have done. Apart from that I am also giving a link what I read about kindness, which I think you should read along with this answer because one of the many things that you need to take care is being kind to the self, and it is very simple:


Hope it helps, and also please write to us at any point of time if you are still feeling that things are unresolved, we are here to work together to co-create a space where solutions will just emerge :)

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