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How can I help my husband to be honest and get rid of dating site addiction?

Asked by Female, 27, Married
I'm depressed because, my husband is addicted to dating sites, lying to me. Broken my heart. Wanted to know how can I help him to be honest with me. And get rid of those sites.
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Counseling Psychologist

It's quite a painful discovery, watching your husband indulge himself on dating sites and yet have the courage to sort this out and find ways to bridge gaps and distances between you. This is a very commendable stance to take.

It seems like there is a lack of conversation/ communication between the two of you. It's important to understand why he's doing what he's doing.If he needs something specific in a relationship that he's not getting then, maybe talking to him about this, to find out what it is that he is not getting in the relationship from you will help you understand how to provide better.

However, if he has any other stressor, internal or external causing this indulgence, then you have to step back and assess what's happening in your marriage. If your husband is merely being ungrateful about you and your presence in his life then there is little you can do without giving him an ultimatum.

There maybe quite a few reasons if at all for him to engage in these activities, it's important first find out why and then see his stance as well. Does he recognize his mistake? Does he think this is okay? Is he concerned about the future of your marriage together? Does he intend to do this all his life? It's also necessary to see if you are contributing to a problem in any way for him to step out of the relationship and fulfill his needs.

I would also recommend seeing a marriage counselor/therapist if your husband is also on the same page as you about your marriage.The process of therapy will help you strengthen your relationship, build trust and invest in commitment, in the long run.

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