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How to convince my in-laws to accept me as I am legally married to their son?

Asked by Female, 30, Married
Hi, Mine was a court marriage that happened last year and I informed my family after some time. So they accepted it and arranged a temple wedding with rituals. But my husband's family did not accept it and they did not attend the wedding in the temple. There was no one from my husband's family but my family was with us. Now it is going to be a year and I have not visited my husband's place. Nobody talks to me. His mother sometimes talks to him. But not to me. And we are not sure what to do. We tried to make them accept me. But they are very rigid. What should I do?
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Counseling Psychologist

Hi Writer, thank you for reaching out to us. I'm sure its very difficult to not be accepted by your husband's family and it does sound like this is very important to you. Is this impacting your marriage or your relationship in any way?

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