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How to tell my girlfriend to split the bill? Being a student facing financial issues!

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I have been in relationship with a girl for past 8 months and it's been going very good. We rarely have any arguments and both of us are very understanding. I'm a student and so is she (i'm 3 years older than her). Since the start of the relationship i've been the one who has been paying for all the bills whether its for food or any other activity. The problem is that she rarely pays her half but i've also never asked her to split the bill. Lately the expenses have taken a toll on me as I don't have a job. How should iinitiate the converstion with her so that I can ask her to split the bill?
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Counseling Psychologist

It's very accommodating of you to be concerned about initiating such a conversation with your girlfriend in the right manner. It reflects on how much effort you're willing to put in to not hurt her or offend her.

Issues like these can get sorted only through honest communication. You mentioned that things are going well between you both and that you have good understanding between each other, so trust that and initiate a conversation. Walk her through your expenses for her to see you're being transparent and honest and she will be able to see that it must be difficult to manage paying for both of you. She is a student too, so it's highly likely that she can relate to your situation.
It's also possible that she thinks you like paying for both of you or that you extend affection by covering expenses in the form of pampering. If that is the case then you can always find more inexpensive ways to show her that you still want to pamper her and shower her with affection.

Being able to communicate openly and honestly about issues like these will add another dimension to your understanding of each other. It's a great way to strengthen the foundation if both of you receive such conversations well.

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