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Husband ill-treats, abuses me. We don't have any physical relationship for long time

Asked by Female, 47, Married
I have a problem in my married life. My husband is ill-treating me and he is trying to exploit me for money and we don't have any physical relationship for past many years. If I ask him for divorce, he abuses me with cheap words and asks me to leave the house.
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Malavi Madhusudan
Counseling Psychologist

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. It takes a lot of courage to state that there is an issue, especially in a marriage. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you and the pain you must be experiencing especially when your husband verbally abuses you. I am sure that when he uses cheap words, it must be very hurtful and must definitely affect your self-worth. It also sounds like you and your husband have not been connecting emotionally and physically for a very long time. With regards to him exploiting you for money, what does he tell you? Do you have a separate account so you are in charge of your money? If it is a question of safety, do you have family or friends that you can reach out to? If there is a physical threat, I would recommend if you can get immediate help from someone you know and stay with them. In addition, when it comes to a divorce, I would recommend that you talk to a lawyer first before approaching him. I do believe that you can file for divorce by yourself and do not need his consent. If you require additional help, please do approach a counsellor. It is perfectly normal to get help when you feel like you are stuck. Counseling will provide confidentiality and protect your identity, if that is a concern.

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