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Husband wants to control my life, feeling frustrated

Asked by Female, 34, Married
My husband and his parents try to control me. I was forced to give up my job. I am frustrated.
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Shriti Mitra
Counseling Psychologist


Firstly, it's really wonderful that you wrote to us and consider us to be a part of your sharing. While I was reading your thoughts I could make out that you indeed are going through a lot and that is kind of suffocating you internally. You mention that you have done your BAMS and you left your practice only because your husband didn't want you to practice as he is not very comfortable with Ayurveda, he being a Doctor himself. It must be really difficult that you had to let go your profession after studying so much and also after taking the initiative.

You mention that you don't feel you are important to him as much as he is to you, as he always keeps demotivating you and your family. You can't take it anymore and hence keep screaming at him theses days. Fighting and screaming would not help you out of this situation. This would only aggravate the situation more. Instead of screaming and fighting, try reasoning it out, have an open and serious conversation. Wherein you can tell him how exactly you feel. Also express if you feel like getting back to your practice.

If you get back to your practice it would make you more independent and help you to develop your confidence level. You definitely want to work on this matter and the make the situation better, hence you have approached us.

I would request you to show some more patience and handle the situation, things might work out for good if you can explain your situation and position to your husband better.

All the best.


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