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I recently found out that my lover is already married

Asked by Female, 29, Single
I am 29yrs old. I completed degree and working in mnc. My partner(31 years) who working in another country. Four Years back we started loved each other. Still we are loving and want to live our life together. When I started to love life goes like anything and I was fly like anything else as others who are in love. But recently I came to know that he is married and have one year kid. I was totally down when I come to know it. I asked him that why you did like this. But the reason he came in to my life because he is not happy in his marriage life as a normal human being expected. But he is very true to me and still he don't want to miss myself in his life. He can't divorce her wife also since many reasons and many aspects like our cultural and traditional norms, tats kids' life, name of family etc... Even I can't live without him. We were not started to love at the age of 18. We both are well matured but we couldn't find solution for this problem. After all this if I marry him, it will lead many problem to my family, his family and his son and even the little one( our future child). Because of this I couldn't concentrate in any thing. Life is to totally down. Even my parents started to pushing me at back to marry soon. I don't know what I have to don Should I marry him without he divorce her? I know there are lots of problem in this. After all is there any possibility to live together. Awaiting for your response.
Thumb sneha jayagopal

Dear Writer, thank you writing to us. It takes courage to take this step. I understand you feel uncertain of what to do but from what you have written I gather that you know what you are getting into. You understand the complications of the relationship you are in. You could get married but you know it won't be considered legal since he is not divorced nor is he planning for one. It seems as though you understand his situation and are willing to fight for him. I wonder if he is willing to do the same for you? Will he choose you over his family?
Could you also tell me how you found out that your boyfriend is married and has a family?
Answering these questions will help me understand you and your situation better.
Please message back to continue discussing. Regards.

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